Milan, Calabria not summoned by Mancini: “Divergence of views”

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The journalist’s opinion on the failure to call up Davide Calabria in the national team is very frank. A fact that amazed the majority!

Yesterday there Italian National has issued the list of players called up for Mancini for the commitments of Nations League at the end of September. L’Italy will have to face two very tough races against England And Hungary. 28 the blue players called by the coach for the challenges.

Mancini and Calabria (© Ansa Foto)

As is often the case, some choices of Roberto Mancini they did a lot of discussion. For example, the non-convocations of Destiny Udogie of Udinese and of Leonardo Spinazzola of Rome. One of all, however, caused a certain uproar! Once again, in fact, the Italian coach has left home Davide Calabriathe right back Champion of Italy.

The Rossoneri fans, but also the sporting criticism itself, considered the choice unjustifiable, given that Calabria in the last two seasons he has shown with facts and with the commitment that he deserves not only the starting shirt of the Milan, but also that of Italy. Yet, it has always been there Giovanni Di Lorenzo to command the hierarchies of Mancini in that role.

Then, as his deputy, the coach has always preferred Alessandro Florenzi. We know well that the former Roma is currently in the pits with a heavy injury. It therefore seemed obvious that Roberto Mancini would call back Davide Calabria. But nothing to do, it will most likely be Toloi the replacement of Di Lorenzo in the right wing of defense.

The reporter from Sky Sports he clearly explained his opinion on why Calabria is not summoned.

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“He doesn’t like it”, Mancini different from Pioli

Stefano De Grandiscolumnist and journalist of Sky Sportscommented without too many words the choice of Roberto Mancini not to convene Davide Calabria. It is a technical matter. The coach does not like the player, and there is little to do according to De Grandis. It doesn’t matter if the Rossoneri graduated as Italian Champion with Milancontributing strongly to success.

Davide Calabria (© LaPresse)

This is the statement of the journalist a Sky Sports: “The first thing I think is that Mancini doesn’t like Davide Calabria very much, he always goes after everyone. We remember that with Calabria as owner in Milan, Florenzi still played in the national team, who is the reserve of Calabria at Milan. Evidently there is a clear divergence of views between Mancini and Pioli ”.

The article is in Italian

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