A return to class not to be forgotten: the students are welcomed with the Maori anthem, as in rugby

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How to plan the back to class of students? What to do on the first day of school? What can be an original and meaningful idea for an unforgettable return to the classroom? The first day of school – you know – it is not a day like any other, it is a key moment of the school year for both students and teachers, and the welcome cannot be left to chance, but studied on the pedagogical profile. Teachers and teachers know this well of the Primary School “G.Rodari” of Capannoli (Pisa) who have chosen to open the school year in a way that may or may not please but that the students will certainly have found extremely exciting.

“In wanting to welcome you with the joy that distinguishes us, but also in an original way, we thought of a ritual known above all in the world of rugbybut revisiting the text of theirs propitiatory hymn at the beginning of the game in a scholastic key“. These are the words of the teachers and caretakers of Rodari.

An auspicious initiative that also involved the Director Marzia Canali, who, together with the teaching team, took part in an almost dancing performance, formerly used to prepare the warriors for battle, soon transformed into a sporting key, and these days readjusted to the school context.

“We strongly want to underline the modern connotation of the hymn – comment the teachers – hoping that the peace may he reign in every nation, for as the great one has taught us Margherita Hack We all have a common origin, we are all children of the evolution of the universe, of the evolution of the stars, and therefore we are really all brothers. “

“We will dedicate to Margherita Hack, falling just this summer the hundredth year of his birth, our first school period – they conclude – and later we will deepen the knowledge and study of the history of many other women, famous and less famous, who have made great contributions in every field: literary, artistic, scientific, etc. And now we are ready to start the new year with all our bright stars and to work to realize our didactic dreams and more! “


Prepare yourself!

In position!

Clap your hands against your thighs and stamp your feet as hard as you can.

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It is the school, it is the school that teaches life!

It is the school, it is the school that teaches life!

This is the man with the long hair, the one who made the sun shine on me.

One more year, one more year, another up to the fifth, another adventure awaits us.

Get up!

An initiative, that of the institute of Capannoliwhich seems engaging and courageous to us, and which once again confirms that the Primary Schoolwith its teachers specifically trained on the pedagogical-didactic front, has an edge over those grades of school represented by teachers who are perhaps highly trained on a disciplinary level but not used to pedagogical reflection.

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