“Nedved dreams of the return of the former on the Juventus bench”

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The future from Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus it is poisedgiven the latest disappointing results.

Decisive for his stay in Juventus will be the transfer to the home of the Monza on Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, the first rumors about the possible successor of the Livorno technician are already beginning to circulate.

From the branded internal solution Monteroto onerous suggestions Zidane And Tuchelup to the possibility of taking a “ferryman“, So as to choose the replacement at the end of the season.

As revealed by the market expert Nicolò Schira on Twitter, Igor Tudor it is one of the profiles that the Juventus management like, but the true one dream for the bench the vice president of Juventus, Pavel Nedved it would be another sensational one return of a former Juventus player.


“Tudor is highly regarded by some of the management. He can be a name for next season even if Nedved’s dream is to bring another great ex back to Juventus… ”.



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Nedved Juventus bench Conte Allegri

The clues lead to Antonio Conte, who has not yet renewed his contract with Tottenham. Clearly this hypothesis could only be considered at the end of the season.

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