WithU Verona folds the Barkom and flies to the Bogdanka Volley Cup final

WithU Verona folds the Barkom and flies to the Bogdanka Volley Cup final
WithU Verona folds the Barkom and flies to the Bogdanka Volley Cup final
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WithU Verona celebration at the bogdanka volley cup

The adventure of WithU Verona in Bogdanka Volley Cup, friendly tournament taking place in the Polish city of Lublin. After losing to Barkom-Kazaany Lviv in the first set, coach Stoytchev’s team won in the next set after a spectacular duel, won with a score of 33 to 31. The Scala sextet then raised the engine revs further. , decreasing the percentage of error in all the fundamentals and winning the third stage with greater serenity. The next set was even more smooth, where the Gialloblù outclassed their opponents on the wall, thus breaking the ticket for tomorrow’s final against the hosts of LUK Lublin. At the Hala Globus Arena the scene was taken by Noumory Keita, protagonist of the challenge with 25 points on the ground, three of which on the wall. Good responses also in reception (56% positive). Appointment set for tomorrow at 17.30 for the awarding of the trophy.

The statements of the coach Radostin Stoytchev at the end of the race: “Our goal is to win, so I’m happy with the result and how the team reacted to some moments. In the first set we were practically perfect in reception, but we made a few mistakes too many in the service. In the following sets we were good at managing the head and making fewer mistakes in serving. Let’s continue on this path ”.

WithU Verona – Barkom-Kazaany Lviv 3-1 (23-25; 33-31; 25-21; 25-20)
WithU Verona: Spirito 1, Mozic 21, Keita 25, Cortesia 10, Mosca 9, Sapozhkov 3, Perrin 10, Magalini, Zanotti, Grozdanov 2, Raphael 2, Jensen, Gaggini (L), Bonisoli (L). Herds Radostin Stoytchev
Barkom-Kazaany Lviv: Holoven 2, Shevchenko 5, Kvalen 9, Shchurov 11, Tupchi 19, Firkal 8, Smoliar 12. All. Ugis Krastinsh
Duration set: 25 ‘, 36’, 28 ‘; 27 ‘; total: 1h 56 ‘
Attack: WithU Verona 53%, Barkom-Kazaany Lviv 47%
Walls: WithU Verona 11, Barkom-Kazaany Lviv 13
Reception: WithU Verona 56%, Barkom-Kazaany Lviv 55%
Ace: WithU Verona 7, Barkom-Kazaany Lviv 2
Wrong jokes: WithU Verona 21, Barkom-Kazaany Lviv 15


Credits Photo: Bartek Wójtowicz

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