Atalanta, Gasperini: ‘Var? Go on TV to explain. We move the market to November, Roma and Pasalic from 9 … ‘| A league

Atalanta, Gasperini: ‘Var? Go on TV to explain. We move the market to November, Roma and Pasalic from 9 … ‘| A league
Atalanta, Gasperini: ‘Var? Go on TV to explain. We move the market to November, Roma and Pasalic from 9 … ‘| A league
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Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini spoke at a press conference on the eve of the match against Rome, tomorrow at 6 pm at the Olimpico: “Tomorrow will be a good test but clearer ideas will be made later, in the break in November the strength of the championship will be better understood. This year we started like this, to be the first good goal, great merit of these guys for how they interpreted this start of the championship but it is still to be deciphered, it is very difficult seeing the other matches too, the big names have strengthened significantly, Lecce , Salernitana, Monza, Cremonese, have all come very close. We are there but with great humility ”.

ROME- “The teams have changed a bit, Roma with Dybala has strengthened in terms of quality and quantity, it has an extraordinary value. There had been particular episodes, it was another season, the team was different, for me it is a formidable test for our growth, it can give us opportunities to play good football. We must expect 0-0, she says laughing, I think it is important to measure ourselves to understand how much we can compete with this type of team ”.

BREAK- “It’s okay that it comes now but the most important stop will be in November, it will be 40 days of rest similar to the summer, we hope they will put the transfer market there and not in January, it would be a great success for us coaches, and then start again without problems putting we coaches are also on the market. A good news ”.

HOJLUND AND MURIEL- “Yes they can play together, just as Pasalic false nueve is one of the possibilities for tomorrow not to give a central point of reference, it may be an idea, more than attackers we have many attacking midfielders. Hojlund’s characteristics impressed everyone from the start, he was an important investment, he has potential to grow and improve on the missing marks and on the time. Boga? I think about performances, more than going to see who plays and who doesn’t play, it depends on him, when there are adequate performances he has more space ”.

DIRECT MATCH- “I want to see them play with personality, we have had many confirmations about the way we are on the pitch, it will count a lot of technical quality, physical impact, to contrast their quality, and with what quality we will be able to play “.

PALLADINO- “I’m happy for Palladino, so for Thiago Motta and Juric, Raffaele showed excellent qualities, I hope he does well because he and the others represent three players of a team that in 2008/2009 came within a whisker of the Champions League and gave me enormous satisfactions, I hope they also have some as coaches. Juric was already ahead, Thiago had all the knowledge of football but I don’t know if he had the character and the desire to do it, but yes, Palladino was also a boy who knew football, and when he is like this it is much easier, there are those who can play and those who know how to play football and with the last ones it is easier ”.

MOURINHO- “He has changed a lot of things, he plays in a three-man defense that was not in his strings for most of his career, he goes on with the times, he changes according to the situation, the two races of last year remained a bit indigestible. but they were great matches also by Roma, it has the great ability to continually renew itself and has transmitted great enthusiasm, awakening a fantastic square ”.


ROME IN EUROPE WITH MANY EX- “They are doing very well, they have all had a great time, Spinazzola immediately, Ibanez played very little, he was quite immature, the idea was to give him to a team to take him back to, then instead Roma arrived and he grew a lot. We have time to prepare for the games, but I believe that the Cups give you more than they take away, last year we had the record of points in the first round, playing on Thursday in the Leipzig period we paid plus, we felt the opportunity to go to the semifinals and we lost so many points in the championship that took away the possibility of the final sprint. Roma from the Scudetto? In the immediate future, Napoli, Milan and Inter are a little further ahead but as a team Roma are also very strong, they can think of growing and improving ”.

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VAR- “Managers and referees must go on TV to explain the various situations, they need something official on their part to have a certainty of regulation because now we all struggle to understand, greater clarity on the part of all”.

INJURED- “Zortea the other day had a hip problem, we hope to recover it in the week but it will not be there immediately”.

LONGEVITY WITH GENOA EXCEEDED- “It was not easy, Genoa represented a long and important experience in my career, I am happy with this and we hope to celebrate this event well”.

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