Top Volley Tank – Hebar Pazardzhik 3-1

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CISTERNA DI LATINA – Second joint training session at the Cisterna Sports Hall. Top Volley is back on the pitch to challenge Hebar Pazardzhik after last Thursday’s test match which ended 4-0 for Lazio. The Bulgarians have a good start with the setter Tush who arms all his attacking mates, 7-9. Michele Baranowicz resumes the scene and serves first Zingel who scores the point of a draw from place 2 and then Sedlaceck for the momentary advantage of the pontini, Placì calls time out, 10-9. Back on the field, Bayram in the pipe for 11-9, then Massari first and Aleksiev later, they find the points of the momentary equalizer 12-12 which turns into an advantage with Hirsch’s block on Zingel, 12-13. In the field only Cisterna, Catania recovers everything and Dirlic enters the game by putting all the balls served by Baranowicz, 18-14 on the ground. Double wall by Aidan Zingel, first takes revenge on Hirsch and then slams the door in Aleksiev’s face, 21-15. Sedlaceck wall on Hirsch attacking from place two, 25-17. First part second set in evidence Andrea Rossi: a wall and two points from place three, then Efe Bayram in the pipe, ahead of the pontini, 9-6. Hebar Pazardzhik did not give up and after a very long exchange, they tried to get closer to their opponents, 10-9. The Bulgarians try to break the rhythm of Top Volley and Nikolov knocks down a lob that displaces Gutierrez, 11-11. Bayram and Gutierrez are looking for a comeback and after the draw comes the overtaking, Cisterna is more orderly and on the other side of the net Massari does not give up, 19-18. Very tight set, Tush, with cunning, finds the tie, 21-21. Ace from Baranowicz, then Gutierrez in the pipe, 24-22. Massari finds the new tie with an ace in the conflict zone between places five and six, 24-24. Hebar Pazardzhik takes the momentary equalizer by taking the second set, again with a point from Massari, 24-26. Alone alternates the pair of spikers, Sedlacek returns to the field to team up this time with Gutierrez, the pontini try to press on the accelerator taking to the plus four, 11-7. The hosts with many difficulties control the advantage by continuing to insist on place four where Sedlacek does not discount, 16-12. Dirlic responds to Shekerdzhiev, stopping the recovery on the maximum advantage of the game, 21-17. Still Dirlic who closes the set for the new Lazio advantage, 25-20. Fourth set played point to point up to 8-8, then Petkov puts the 8-10 ball on the ground. The reaction of Top Volley is not long in coming for the boys of coach Soli, first they find the equalizer with a block by Zingel on Nikolov and then Baranowicz, double block on Aleksiev takes the new advantage, 12-10. Top Volley tries to escape by taking the 16-10 but Hebar Pazrdzhik reacts with pride and returns to minus one, 19-18. Baranowicz takes the path of certainty, ball to Dirlic, who makes no mistake and lands two very precious points, 23-19. Cisterna in confusion misses four match balls, Soli calls time out, 24-22. Dirlic, attacks from seat 4, makes no mistake, 25-23.

Damiano Catania (Top Volley Tank): “The victories make us happy and give us morale, to do well in the gym for these weeks that bring us closer to the start of the championship. We are still in the rotation phase, I am happy for the fans even today there were many to support us and we hope that there will be more and more, because it is the extra man who gives us the right push in the game ”.

Camillo Placì (coach Hebar Pazardzhik): “I am satisfied with the levels of play we have increased from the first to the third race here at the Palasport di Cisterna. For us they were the first three releases. Very positive indications, we played against Top Volley which is a team that I liked a lot, because they are physical, a tall team, they make a good block, Baranowicz is one of the best setters around and he is making his forwards turn well. I think it will be difficult to play against this team in the Italian super league. Peter Dirlic is a player who in my opinion has grown a lot and has good fundamentals, among other things he is reliable in attack and on the block and this is no small feat for an opposite person ”.


Top Volley Tank – Hebar Pazardzhik: 3-1 (25-17; 24-26; 25-20; 25-23)

Top Volley Tank: Zingel 9, Catania (L), Kaliberda, Sedlacek 11, Zanni, Dirlic 23, Rossi 10, Baranowicz 3, Bayram 8, Guiterrez 13, Anellucci, Forcina, Finauri. Coach: Alone.

Hebar Pazardzhik: Petkov 7, Latunov 1, Massari 14, Dimitrov, Tush 2, Simeonov, Hirsch 12, Yosifov, Karakashev (L), Salparov (L), Shekerdzhiev 4, Aleksiev 2, Lapkov 5, Nikolov 8. All .: Placì

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Top Volley Tank: ace 3, err.batt. 30, ref. 32%, att. 51%, walls 18.

Hebar Pazardzhik: ace 1, err.batt. 18, ref. 41%, att. 42%, walls 9.

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