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GdS – Renewal of Skriniar, deadline and Inter strategy. “In case of permanence …”

GdS – Renewal of Skriniar, deadline and Inter strategy. “In case of permanence …”
GdS – Renewal of Skriniar, deadline and Inter strategy. “In case of permanence …”
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Marotta struggling with the delicate renewal of Milan Skriniar, a pillar that conditions all the Nerazzurri strategies

” Milan Skriniar is a separate chapter, but it inevitably conditions Inter’s transfer market moves at the center of defense ”. Thus opens the article of La Gazzetta dello Sport on the subject to the future of Milan Skriniar. ‘‘The deadline foresees a clear strategy: total concentration on the difficult commitment of Udine, then the stop for the national teams is a shortcut – on paper an ally – to tighten the times. Inter know that dealing with Skriniar when we are just over 9 months from the deadline is equivalent to taking a ride on a roller coaster. ”continues the newspaper.

There will be discussion because the PSG proposal – 9 million euros – has changed the cards on the table.” The nine million, including bonuses, that the PSG had put on the table can have a surge. For the non-trivial reason that the more the weeks pass, the more the price of the Skriniar tag collapses: other than 70 million guaranteed “take it or leave it”, was the refrain not too long ago. It is evident that the Skriniar affair conditions not a little the strategies in the same department: if it remained, it would be necessary to take at least one center of absolute quality. But maybe even two, considering the De Vrij affair. If it goes, the two to be taken should be of excellent quality ”then concludes the Rosea.

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The article is in Italian

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