“Milan champion of Italy, they have some advantage. Lozano has recovered”

“Milan champion of Italy, they have some advantage. Lozano has recovered”
“Milan champion of Italy, they have some advantage. Lozano has recovered”
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On the eve of the match against Milan, Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti spoke at a press conference from the Konami Center to present tomorrow night’s match against Stefano Pioli’s Rossoneri. These are all the statements of the Tuscan technician:

Who is better off in your opinion? Have you already thought about training?
“Yes, two teams that are doing well, it becomes difficult to say who is in the lead, whoever takes the advance on the bets during the 90 minutes will be in advantage. They are two teams that pay little attention to the balance due to the desire to win games, sometimes you find high spaces and Milan knows how to readjust them immediately. Whoever manages the ball better, the more advance on the game, there will be the advantage. 11 us too (laughs, ed) and then I can’t say anything else, I certainly can’t say it the day before. It would not be correct for the players to know today, I need more than 11 to get to the end of the game and they must all be motivated ” .

What kind of exam is tomorrow’s game?
“I’m retiring (laughs, ed), I have to do the last few years without exaggerating, at my age you have to go easy on emotions. It will be a good match for Italian football, I think Pioli also said that they are two teams similar, when I see them I notice things that I am pleased to see and that I point out to my players, he was very good at keeping everything together because they went through difficult moments, but they overcame them and they all pulled on the same side and they won for some details, again this year it will be like this or even more difficult because they have the experience of last year and they have been working there for 3 years, it’s the truth, they also rejuvenated a lot last year, putting together guys to formidable champions “.

Bianchi and Bigon the last to bring 5 of Napoli to the national team. How then, will Napoli and Milan compete for the Scudetto?
“I am satisfied for the players, they deserve it. Mancini has always been attentive to emerging players, it is a pleasure to see them train in this group, they give their maximum for muscles and breath, as for Milan they are healthy forces because they have freshness and creativity. you will find many things there if you make them work. I don’t know about the comparison, it’s still early. They are the Italian champions, they have some advantage and we will have to be good at growing quickly, more than them, because having won given further strength and having started again well he reconfirmed them. We will have to go faster if we want to grab them, they are in front “.

What indications can this direct confrontation give?
“These are assessments to be made later, based on the performance, the attitude that we will show, there is to go there as we always went this year, being even more attentive to turnovers, every lost ball for them with the race they have. they overturn it immediately in offensive action, they are not among those who think with the ball on their feet, they attack the spaces.

Pioli said Napoli have taken little-known but suitable players. Is it the perfect synthesis because it is already his Napoli?
“A Napoli built with technical players, thinking it could be a group, a group that plays compactly, with the same idea. A bit like them, even in this they resemble us and take the best for the characteristics of our players.”

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Milan was predictable there, but Napoli had an eventful summer. Did he expect it?
“It was a hope, I was very curious, we could see the potential, we talked about it with the company, but I don’t know about being here at this point, time is still short. It could have been different in a positive or negative sense, we have a group serious. We need to be ready in the long run, the road is difficult. For the moment we are satisfied, in a correct way because in football an episode is enough to change the history of a match and team behavior, especially for young players like our team, therefore total concentration “.

How is Lozano? And how is Demme’s recovery going?
“Demme will resume after the break with the group, now he does things with the ball but individually. Lozano is recovered and available”.

Raspadori-Simeone, why choose one and why the other?
“One gives more depth, attacks the spaces behind the line, has more physical, the other is different, they are different because we have chosen them to have all the possibilities. Raspadori becomes more slippery when he comes to dribble, the second goal of the other day tells it, it also depends on the characteristics of the opponents. Who goes deeper is usually more finalizer, who comes to take the ball binds more, makes you more numerical superiority, these are the characteristics. I’m glad though, if we had been Osimhen’s employees as you said? No, there are also the others. If you depend on one, then how can you do without him? There is also a result to be achieved, now exalting two other equally strong ones puts in place the correct situation for the group , we will need everyone “.

What did he say to Zielinski? Will he always take penalties?
“It’s a way to know if Zielinski plays (laughs, ed). With Spezia the penalty taker was Politano, the second Elmas, tomorrow it’s the same, you indicate the first and the second, but there is always something to keep open the possibility to change according to the moment, but you need to have more than one penalty taker in this football with many games and in a team with many young people. Piotr made a mistake, I had beaten the first very well in my opinion, the goalkeeper was good “.

What do you think is the best location for Ndombele?
“He played in all the roles, to play low play you need a grip, an important speed, to wriggle out, a lost ball there becomes difficult to clean. Lobotka’s qualities are important in that role with a single half. , he has those rotations on himself, he is a little slower but he is much more physical in impact. He can play that role, two would be his optimal, 4-2-3-1, but the midfielder can do it as the other night, with less incursion and depth because Zielu reaches the flag, he does it more centrally but he can do it, as football knowledge he has it all. A little experience in Europe gives you that advantage over choices, we must also do this quickly “.

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