Renate Juventus Next Gen 3-2: second consecutive defeat

Renate Juventus Next Gen 3-2: second consecutive defeat
Renate Juventus Next Gen 3-2: second consecutive defeat
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Juventus Next Gen is a guest of Renate on the occasion of the fourth matchday of Serie C 2022/23: summary, scoreboard, result and live news

There Juventus Next Gen finds the second consecutive defeat against Renate on the fourth day of the championship. Bianconeri returning from the defeat against Paduabut failing to react in the result.

Renate Juventus Next Gen 3-2: summary and slow motion

1 ′ Kick-off whistle – The challenge begins.

5 ‘First five minutes – Study phase of the match, still no real occasion.

7 ‘Renate’s first attempt – Esposito’s corner, Silva fits well but puts his head on the bottom.

11 ‘Cudrig warned – Yellow for the attacker who, having entered the area, falls to the ground and claims the penalty. Warning for simulation.

14 ‘Renate ahead – Yet another corner for the hosts, with Silva author of the decisive touch that surprises Senko, with the complicity of Cudrig, who is awarded an own goal.

16 ′ Juve try to answer – Left-handed from the right edge of the winger, ball abundantly high.

18 ′ Brambilla’s team still risks – Throw forward that surprises the defense, Rossetti puts in the middle and Senko rejects as best he can. From two steps away Malotti is unable to bag.

21 ‘Cudrig shows up – Really delicious first chance for the bianconeri. The ball goes to the attacker after a rebound, first intention shot but Drago blocks.

23 ‘Stramaccioni warned – The defender lands Rossetti, who started on the counterattack.

24 ‘Esposito kicks high – On the following punishment the ball does not go down enough.

31 ‘Bianconeri forward – After a troubled first part of the match, Brambilla’s team is trying to create opportunities to get to a draw. Interesting free kick from the trocar.

33 ′ Double Juve chance! – First Rafia from distance with a flying right and then Muharemovic from inside the area find Drago’s prompt response.

34 ′ Change in the Renate – Outside Colombini, inside Ermacora.

38 ′ Doubling of the Renate – It is Marano who beats Senko. Prolonged scrum in the area, with Juve unable to sweep. Ball to the attacker who strikes the Juventus goalkeeper, who has remained motionless. Once again, not perfect defense.

44 ′ Juve forward – Bianconeri looking for an episode that can correct this afternoon at the moment that is anything but positive.

45 ‘Recovery reported – One more minute to finish.

45 ‘+ 1 The first half ends – Double whistle of the referee. One-way first half with the double advantage of the Nerazzurri.

45 ‘The referee whistles – Shooting begins.

45 ′ Change in Juve – Cerri takes over Da Graca.

46 ′ Renate immediately tries – Esposito’s right from distance, ball over the crossbar.

51 ′ Juve in search of the goal – Bianconeri started immediately forward in search of the 2-1, hosts who try to hit on the counterattack.

53 ‘Attempt by Verduci – Left of the Juventus winger who goes out weak in the arms of the goalkeeper.

58 ‘Penalty for Renate – He tried to kick Baldassin, Stramaccioni’s hand deflection who was sent off.

59 ‘Renate’s third goal – Very cold Malotti from the spot. Senko guesses the corner but does not get there.

60 ′ Change in Juve – Bonetti gives way to Nzouango.

60 ‘Change in the Renate – Outside Rossetti, inside Maistrello. Inside Simonetti, outside Marano.

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65 ′ Juve raises the center of gravity – Bianconeri forward with his head down, the defense blocks Cudrig’s attempt for a corner.

67 ‘Maistrello seeks glory – Cross from the right, Maistrello’s fly attempt that ends up outside the door.

71 ‘Double change in Juve – Sekulov enters for Cudrig, just as Palumbo takes over Beso.

75 ′ Renate again in attack – Maestrello seeks poker, but the shot from the edge is blocked by Senko.

78 ‘Race starting towards the end – Bianconeri in search of the goal of the flag, but the spaces are few.

79 ′ Penalty for Juve – New hand touch in the area, this time on the other side on Palumbo’s touch. Yellow for Anghileri.

80 ‘GOAL OF JUVE – Network of the flag for the bianconeri with Rafia displacing Drago from the spot.

82 ‘Double change in Renate – Inside Squizzato and Ghezzi, outside Esposito and Malotti.

84 ′ Renate returns forward – Baldassin’s attempt from the edge, closes the defense for a corner.

85 ‘GOAL FOR JUVE – Sersanti catches Sekulov free in the area, the attacker displaces Drago and reopens it.

87 ′ Change in Juve – Lipari for Verduci.

90 ‘Recovery reported – Five minutes to go.

90 ‘+ 1 Sekulov close to scoring – New attempt by the attacker in the area, prompt response from Drago.

90 ‘+ 2 Save all Nzouango – Ghezzi starts on the counterattack but instead of kicking he tries to serve a teammate, promptly anticipated by the defender.

90 ‘+ 2 Also present Senko – Squizzato’s attempt from the edge, prompt response from the goalkeeper.

90 ‘+ 5 Yellow for Senko – Do it for a late entry of the goalkeeper who knocks out Morachioli who was about to jump him.

90 ‘+ 5 Ends here – Triple whistle of the referee, second consecutive defeat for the bianconeri.

Best of the match Juve: REPORT CARDS


Renate Juventus Next Gen 3-2: result and match report

Networks: 14 ‘aut. Cudrig, 38 ‘Marano, 59’ Malotti, 80 ‘Rafia, 85’ Sekulov

Renate: Dragon; Angeli, Anghileri, Morachioli, Baldassin, Malotti (82 ‘Ghezzi), Rossetti (60’ Maistrello), Silva, Marano (60 ‘Simonetti), Colombini (34’ Ermacora), Esposito (82 ‘Squizzato). Herds Dossena. Available: Furlanetto, Menna, Gavazzi, Sgarbi, Larotonda, Possenti.

Juventus Next Gen (4-3-3): Senko, Turicchia, Muharemovic, Stramaccioni, Verduci (87 ‘Lipari); Sersanti, Bonetti (60 ‘Nzouango), Beso (71’ Palumbo); Cudrig (71 ‘Sekulov), Rafia, Da Graca (45’ Cerri). Annex. It shines. Available: Raina, Daffara, Zuelli, Cotter, Iocolano, Citi.

Referee: Iannello (Messina).

Ammonites: 11 ′ Cudrig, 23 ′ Stramaccioni, 79 ′ Anghileri, 90 ‘+ 5 Senko

Expulsions: 58 ‘Stramaccioni

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