Genoa-Modena, the report cards: three points from the Jagiello joker

Genoa-Modena, the report cards: three points from the Jagiello joker
Genoa-Modena, the report cards: three points from the Jagiello joker
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Jagiello’s exultation (photo by Genoa CFC Tanopress)

We publish below the report cards of from Genoa-Modena, race ended with a score of 1-0. Jagiello’s goal was decisive.

Genoa 6 – The expression of the game is still approximate but it was essential to win at the Ferraris

Martinez 7 – Decisive on Diaw, a modern goalkeeper save

Hefti 5 – Not received in the game and, above all, in the push phase

Want 6 – Good debut from the first minute, forced to leave the field due to a muscular boredom (73 ‘ Bani 6 – Closes the door to the rossoblù area)

Dragusin 7 – He risks a penalty, after the crush he grows exponentially and celebrates the call in the Under 21 in the best possible way

Pajac 7 – Enterprising, courageous: the Croatian full-back finally shows off his best side

Frendrup 5 – Lost, his teammates do not provide him with cover

Badelj 5 – He can score but also open the doors of a draw to Modena: too many risks (85 ′ Ilsanker sv)

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Jagiello 7 – He defends, accompanies and scores as always heavy goals. Maybe he comes out a few minutes early (59 ‘ Aramu 7 – Blessin puts him on the right wing, some plays are of quality: he touches the goal in the final)

Portanova 7 – The spirit of Genoa. Running and sweat until you fall to the ground with no more energy (85 ′ Strootman 6 – Ball in the bank, pure authority)

Yalcin 5 – In search of the condition: only one weak shot (73 ‘ Yeboah 5 – Minimally incisive for the fate of Genoa’s attack)

Tail 5 – He plays on the bank, he doesn’t see the door. A step back from the usual generous performance

Coach Blessin 6 – His face is visibly tense, the pressure is great: three points deserved

Modena 6 – Gagno 7; Oukhadda 6, Silvestri 6, Citizens 7, Azzi 6; Magnino 6, Mosti 6 (46 ′ Giovannini 7), Gargiulo 5 (79 ′ Panada 5); Armellino 6 (85 ‘Tremolada sv); Marsura 6 (46 ′ Falcinelli 5), Diaw 6 (79 ′ Bonfanti 5) – Coach Tesser 5

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