Perugia, in the test men dominate Siena

Perugia, in the test men dominate Siena
Perugia, in the test men dominate Siena
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Sir Safety Susa Perugia in attack with the opposite Kamil Rychlicki (photo Michele Benda)

The second verification of the preparation phase for the men’s super league championship for the Sir Safety Susa Perugia which showed itself to its fans who flocked in large numbers over the weekend. He gave it a hard time Emma Villas Aubay Siena who will be the next rival in the top flight. Even before his setters, the technician Anastasi sent on the field the players further ahead in the condition, with Monopoli in the control room, but then he took advantage of the appointment to play the other elements available. It was a convincing performance for the block-devils, especially on the serve which often caused problems at the Tuscan reception, and on the block, in particular with Mengozzi. In the first fraction the hosts fielded a good volleyball by unleashing a Rychlicki in great condition (seven balls on the ground with 64% in attack) and a very precise Colaci in reception (71% positive), while Leòn suffers to pick up the pace. . At the resumption the guests show themselves toned against the wall and with A very insightful Raffaelli they go to equalize. The third fraction is commanded from start to finish by the bianconeri who exploit the verve of an exuberant Plotnytskyi to get back the lead. In the fourth period, a long score in balance, the Sienese try to move forward but Herrera rises to the chair and punishes them.
(25-22, 20-25, 25-18, 25-21)
PERUGIA: Rychlicki 20, Plotnytskyi 14, Mengozzi 10, Leòn 7, Solé 4, Monopoli 2, Colaci (L1), Herrera 14, Piccinelli (L2). NE – Cardenas, Mele. Herds Andrea Anastasi and Antonio Valentini.
SIENA: Van Garderen 16, Pereyra 12, Mazzone 11, Raffaelli 8, Ricci 8, Finoli 1, Bonami (L1), Pinali 5, Ngapeth 1, Pinelli. NE – Biglino, Fontani, Pellegrini, Pochini (L2). Herds Paolo Montagnani and Omar Pelillo.
Referees: Fabio Moretti and Chiara D’Auria.
SIR (bs 19, v. 8, walls 10, errors 5).
EMMA (bs 15, v. 11, walls 10, errors 9).




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