here are the magnificent five of our area

here are the magnificent five of our area
here are the magnificent five of our area
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Kids at the Special Olympics: Berlin awaits five people from our area.

Kids at the Special Olympics

The Asd Passeportout boys in support of the basketball blues. Accompanied by coaches and partners, some young people on the evening of Tuesday 6 September went to the Palaforum in Assago to attend the basketball match of the Italian national team against Croatia. Composed and joyful in their white uniforms, they won over the stewards and control officers with their sympathy. Songs and choirs from the stands to support our national team that won the match not without difficulty.
The excitement and joy of this evening will accompany them for quite a while.

At the World Cup

Over the weekend they were busy at the Borgosesia sports festival.
And that’s not the only news: five of the Asd Passeportout members and coaches will be at the World Championships in Berlin 2023 for the Special Olympics. The world and summer games will be hosted by Germany from 12 to 26 June 2023 and the Valsesian association will be attended by Melania Chirra from Quarona for rhythmic gymnastics, then Francesca Sedani from Valdilana for unified women’s volleyball, Ginevra Baraggioni from Romagnano, as a partner always in the unified women’s volleyball, Yuori Brancaglion of Portula, for the unified mixed volleyball. Paolo Vinzio di Grignasco will be the coach for the unified volleyball.

The convocations

Satisfaction for the president Francesca Vinzio, who has always been at the forefront to expand the movement. Over the years, the calls have increased more and more. It means that Special Olympics rewards the work that Passepartout does.
The Asd Passepartout of Borgosesia which operates in Valsesia and Valsessera, registered with Coni and affiliated with Special Olympics, offers youngsters volleyball, football and basketball, with athletes with and without disabilities. But also athletics, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, swimming and winter disciplines including snowshoeing, Nordic and alpine skiing, snowboarding.

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