13 injuries in 2 months

13 injuries in 2 months
13 injuries in 2 months
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In the days of the great crisis, men, results and weight of the injured Juve are analyzed to understand what are the causes of the false start of the season (only 2 victories in the first 6 days of the championship; 2 consecutive defeats in the group stage of the Champions League, event without precedents in the history of Juventus’ participation in the most important continental tournament). Certainly, it cannot be said that the society of Lambs has spared men and means, making available to Merry the best there is. This morning, Tuttosport published the composition of the coach’s staff: including the coach, the members are even 18. To recap: Massimiliano Allegri first coach; Marco LanducciPaul WhiteAldo Treats and Simone Padoin, technical collaborators; Maurizio Trumpetin charge of athletic training, his collaborators Simone GoblinsFrancis Lucia and Enrico Maffei; Andrew Pertusio, head of Forza & Sport Service; Duccio Ferrari Bravo, his collaborator; Claudio Philippi and Antonio Gualtieri, goalkeepers’ trainers; Thomas OrsiniMatch Analysis Manager, Riccardo Scirea and Paolo Combed, its collaborators; Domenico Vernamonte, performance manager; John Andreini, performance coordinator. Add the excellence of the medical team and physiotherapists. Definitely, a task force under pressure, called to overwork both to restore an unexpectedly insufficient athletic condition and to understand what are the causes of the impressive series of injuries that hammered Juve in the period 16 July – 16 September.

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Juve, the coaching staff: from Folletti to Andreini, from Landucci to Allegri

Thirteen stops, the most serious of which put Paul Pogba out of action, which the team would really need in this period. The long-term patients Kaio Jorge and Chiesa, in recovery phase, but unavailable until the end of the year, injury after injury were joined by Arthur, (now at Liverpool) De Sciglio, Pogba, McKennie, Aké, Szczesny, Cuadrado, Pellegrini (now at Eintracht Frankfurt), Di Maria, Bonucci, Locatelli, Rabiot, Alex Sandro. To get out of the crisis, Allegri more than needs his staff to help him.

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