Benevento, that’s not the case: Brescia wins at Rigamonti

Benevento, that’s not the case: Brescia wins at Rigamonti
Benevento, that’s not the case: Brescia wins at Rigamonti
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Another bitter morsel to digest for Benevento who are defeated at Rigamonti against Brescia. After a balanced first half, the Witch has completely disappeared from the field in the second half, giving the feeling of wanting to settle for the punticino. An attitude that paid dearly, with the hosts who managed to bring home the three points in the final thanks to the goal scored by Bianchi. Third defeat in the league for Benevento, closer and closer to the slums of the standings.

Brescia 1-0 Benevento

Brescia (4-3-1-2): Lezzerini; Karacic, Papetti, Adorni, Mangraviti; Bisoli (15’st Ndoj), Labojko, Bertagnoli; Benali (15’st Galazzi); Ayé (41’st Niemeuer), Moreo (27’st Bianchi). Available: Andrenacci, Huard, Garofalo, Olzer. Coach: Clotet

Benevento (3-5-2): Paleari; Glik, Leverbe, Veseli; Letizia (32’st Kubica), Karic (45’pt Koutsoupias), Schiattarella (20’st Improta), Acampora, Foulon; Forte (32’st Ciano), Simy (20’st La Gumina). Available: Manfredini, Masciangelo, Farias, Thiam Pape, Pastina, Vokic, Capellini. Herdsman: Caserta

Referee: Gualtieri of Asti. Assistants: Imperiale and Moro. IV man: May. VAR and AVAR: Ghersini and Scatragli

Marker: 47’st Bianchi

Note: Ammonites Karacic, Benali, Schiattarella, Leverbe, Acampora, Koutsoupias, La Gumina, Whites


96 ‘End the match. Brescia wins the advance of the 6th day

92 & # 39; Brescia in advantage: to inflate the net is Bianchi with a strong conclusion from the edge of the area

90 ‘Four minutes of recovery

87 ‘Yellow for Koutsoupias

86 ‘Niemeuer enters in place of Ayè

86 ‘Punishment by Ndoj: Paleari rejects

85 & # 39; Acampora warned for protests

83 ‘Glik lands Ayè: yellow card

77 ‘There are the entrances of Ciano and Kubica instead of Forte and Letizia

75 ‘Leverbe is booked for a foul on Bianchi

72 & # 39; Moreo comes out and gives way to Bianchi

71 & # 39; Head shot by Leverbe flying over the crossbar

68 ‘Restart Brescia, the ball reaches Galazzi, Paleari goes out in desperation: the conclusion of the Brescia player goes out

65 ‘Double change Benevento: La Gumina and Improta enter in place of Simy and Schiattarella

64 ‘Paleari! Cross by Ndoj for Moreo’s head: the conclusion is strong, but Paleari is rejected

60 & # 39; Brescia changes: Galazzi and Ndoj enter in place of Benali and Bisoli

50 ‘Cross by Mangraviti for Moreo: the attacker’s header is deflected for a corner by Veseli


45 ‘The second half begins. No changes for both teams

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49 ‘The first half ends. Brescia – Benevento 0-0

45 ‘Four minutes of recovery

45 ‘Karic is unable to continue the match due to a physical problem: Koutsoupias enters his place

42 ‘There is no control of the Var. The contact between Glik and Benali seems to be there

41 ‘Benali and Schiattarella are warned for protests

40 & # 39; Contact between Glik and Benali in the area: Gualtieri does not whistle the penalty kick. The Var is expected

31 ‘Karacic lands Acampora: the Brescia defender is booked

30 & # 39; Forte does not come by a whisker to a cross from Acampora, Letizia arrives on the ball and kicks in the door but finds Lezzerini rejected

26 ‘Conclusion of Forte that is easily blocked by Lezzerini

23 ‘Hard blow for Karic who should continue the match

18 ‘Danger Brescia: Karacic’s assist for Benali who in the open area, all alone, sends the ball out of his head

16 ‘Karic tries to direct the ball to the near post: Lezzerini blocks the ball

15 ‘Schiattarella’s corner kick: Simy hits his head, but the ball is deflected for a corner by a defender from Brescia

13 ‘Bertagnoli’s ball for Moreo’s head: ball out

8 ‘Strong left by Acampora: Lezzerini deflects for a corner with difficulty

7 ‘Benevento closes the spaces well and tries to start again with speed

0 ‘The game begins

0 ‘There is a hole in the net of the goal next to the away sector: we await repairs before we can start the game

0 ‘The teams enter the field. Observed a minute of silence for the victims of the flood that hit the Marche


At Rigamonti there is the advance of the sixth day of the Serie B championship. Caserta confirms the 3-5-2, but at least one man per department changes compared to the match played with Cagliari. In defense there is the seasonal debut for Leverbe, while in midfield the coach handed a starting shirt to Schiattarella. Alongside Forte is not La Gumina, but Simy. At home Brescia Clotet, surprisingly, chooses Benali who will be positioned behind the points Ayé and Moreo.

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