Flooded gym, the US Senigallia players take up the shovel

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SENIGALLIA – It is strange to see them like this, in shorts and rubber boots, without the ball but with the shovel and the buckets in hand. Yet they are on the pitch, for a different game, that of solidarity.

The Us Senigallia gym invaded by mud (photo Facebook)

And they are beautiful, even more beautiful than ever very young players of the US Volleyball Senigallia who yesterday did not give up in the face of the devastation and rolled up their sleeves, together with coaches and managers, to restore the state of the places in that gym that is their second home.

The sports facilities – the Boario municipal sports hall in the municipal stadium area and the gym in Via Bari – were flooded. Changing rooms with half a meter of water, furniture and tools to throw away. A disaster. Nothing, of course, compared to the high cost of human lives, between victims and missing, of this tragedy. But a heavy blow for the players and for the club, who had recently resumed their competitive activity with so much enthusiasm after the success of the summer camp.

“Our city, our sports facilities, our families … still at the mercy of predictable events – writes the Company on its Facebook page – we gather around those who have lost loved ones. Our boys and our leaders will be engaged in another battle against the mud from today. It’s time to work with your head down. Then… .we are still on the pitch ». And below is a succession of more than eloquent images of the solidarity game played by the girls. They armed themselves with courage, patience and devotion, shoveling the mud, trying to save what can be saved. Together, like on the pitch.

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The players intent on cleaning up and tidying up (Facebook photo)

“It is a very hard blow and many damages to our Boario and to the assets of the US – we still read – we do our part with a sense of duty and team spirit”. And it is precisely from the social networks that the greatest applause and cheer arise for these girls who thus proved to be truly champions.

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