Chirico: ‘The Max cure does not work, Juve continues to get worse. Round of 16 in the Champions League? Even Sarri and Pirlo had hit them … ‘

Chirico: ‘The Max cure does not work, Juve continues to get worse. Round of 16 in the Champions League? Even Sarri and Pirlo had hit them … ‘
Chirico: ‘The Max cure does not work, Juve continues to get worse. Round of 16 in the Champions League? Even Sarri and Pirlo had hit them … ‘
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Zero points in the first two games of the Champions League group. It had never happened to Juventus, but there is still the classic first time. And after Paris, here came the internal defeat with the Benfica. The match identified by Merryalready on the eve of PSGlike the one not to be mistaken, only to retract this version 24 hours before taking the field with the Lusitanians. A Max in total confusion, just like his team. That never gets better, on the contrary, it gets worse.

Last season, after Malmoe and Chelsea, Juventus had already forfeited 6 points and put a mortgage on the second round; in the current one, he does not even know if he will continue to play in Europe, clinging to theEuropa League. Competition where it was relegated in the 2013/14 edition after the sensational and unexpected elimination with Galatasaray, the famous match played twice due to snow. But even in that season, he drew both the first two games of the group – with Copenhagen and the Turks – thus doing better than this year.
Of course, PSG and Benfica are bigger opponents, but we are always talking about Juventus Football Club, which in a normal situation should play with both, or at least not let the Lusitanians overturn it at home after being able to unblock the game. after just four minutes. At the most equalized, as it managed to do Spring from Montero in the Youth Generation League always against Benfica.
Juventus no longer appears to be able to manage the matches, close the ranks and win them short-nosedas he had done not later than a year ago against the then reigning champions Chelsea, and that Juve (albeit with Chiesa) was perhaps even weaker than the one that faced Benfica on Wednesday, able to stand up to the opponent only for twenty minutes after which at the mercy of the Portuguese team.
A script that has already been seen and revised several times in the league, a loop of mediocrity, technical errors in the series, total absence of play and personality in which the bianconeri are now screwing up to every game and are unable to come out of it anymore. A team without a heart and without a leg, which cannot keep up with the pace of the game as soon as the laps are up, and which goes into confusion at the first adversity. A Juventus that does not play loose, but with performance anxiety. Vlahovic he is the perfect plastic representation of him, constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown: the supply of balls will also be very limited, but he too cannot get angry if the defenders mark him too tightly. Ronaldo he played in a Juve almost the same, but the way to break away and score was the same. Serbian no.
A Juve between the ugly and the very ugly and that never shows signs of improving. It is the fault of the players not all at the height of the shirt they wear, but also of those who train it. Maybe he prepares it badly, if his opponents always run twice as many as his team on the pitch. And to think that Max was recalled precisely because he was considered the best possible doctor for a Juve in crisis of results, but thereedited by Dottor Max has so far worsened the condition of the patient.
If Salernitana succeeds in putting this Juventus under the stadium, it should not be surprised if in the Champions League the bianconeri are not even able to draw a match, seriously compromising the passage of the group. And the second round represent the minimum result when your name is Juventus, a goal that even the much mistreated Sarri And Pirlo they managed to hit.
Most likely this time the man of the two (lost) finals will not make itstill forcibly kept on the bench only because the money to eventually be given to the substitute “you put it there”, as he declared without even too much irony Arrivabene.
Should a flop as well Monza, against the last in the standings, it would be desirable for Allegri to become aware of the failure. He will do it? I do not believe.

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