“This format satisfies us. Only one nation is unhappy. Federer? The most iconic athlete in the world” [ESCLUSIVA]

“This format satisfies us. Only one nation is unhappy. Federer? The most iconic athlete in the world” [ESCLUSIVA]
“This format satisfies us. Only one nation is unhappy. Federer? The most iconic athlete in the world” [ESCLUSIVA]
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J. Sinner b. F. Cerundolo 7-5 1-6 6-3

Jannik Sinner wins a very important victory against Francisco Cerundolo, giving Italy the 2-0 point after Matteo Berrettini’s initial victory over Sebastian Baez. For men of Filippo Volandri so comes the second consecutive success after the fantastic claim on the Croatiawhich projects the blues at the top of Group A (and with a foot and a half in Malaga). The number 1 of Italy suffers tremendously and, after winning the first set, unexpectedly collapses in the second, even in the face of an Argentine who plays on the clouds. In the decisive part, however, Sinner finds the break in moment of greatest difficulty and, with enormous effort, closes 7-5 1-6 6-3 at the sixth match point.

THE MATCH – After the celebration of Berrettini’s 1-0, we are concentrated again for Sinner-Cerundolo. The latter is Captain Coria’s Argentina lineup novelty. Jannik, on the other hand, makes his debut in the Bologna group after giving way to Musetti to have more time to recover from the ailments of the US Open.

It’s good tennis right away, and it’s a fight right away. The blue has a break point in the first game but the Buenos Aires player serves well. Cerundolo keeps a good rhythm and in the second game he is galvanized by a millimeter backhand lob that thrills even the not many (but still noisy) Argentines present at the Unipol Arena: thus there are two chances of break for him too, but Sinner’s service is no exception (including a second heavy to the body). The Argentinehowever, he feels the ball well and puts Jannik in trouble by using the counterattack.

The number one in Italy, on the other hand, is not always accurate with the forehand. It is, however, when Cerundolo returns to have a chance of a break in the sixth game: Sinner slips in fact four extraordinary points. Francisco has nothing to blame but he seems to feel the blow. It’s just an impression: the Argentine immediately finds great solidity. The intensity of the exchanges wanes in the final stages of the set. The same can be said about the game quality: the errors increase, especially those of the Argentine who misses three forehand and a backhand on 5-5. Jannik thus scores the break and then plays a great last game, embellished with a backhand volley extracted from the belly, closing on 7-5 after almost an hour of the first set.

The second seems to open on the same notes as the first but Sinner does not position himself well on a backhand at the point that could have given him the break at the opening. Cerundolo then tries to change the match in the next game and actually finds the first break of his match. The deep answers on which the blue does not find the right time are decisive, but also an excellent exchange in which the Argentine makes a good short ball and Sinner is inaccurate with the dampened counter. Jannik reacts immediately but Cerundolo is now confident and first cancels a break point with his serve and then closes the game with a remarkable long line backhand. With the backhand the Argentine holds the exchange well and responds well, so much so that he gets another break by mortgaging the set. Francisco is in a state of grace and in fact also has two chances for the bagel. However, Jannik has no intention of giving up. In any case, Cerundolo closes the set shortly after on 6-1.

The Argentine still tries to make a big voice at the start of the third set, but from 15-30 Sinner finds three fundamental first which are worth as many points. The attitude oflight blue now appears different from the second partial: more active, more propositiveBraver. He is then to move to 15-30, with Cerundolo serving a tender second but, on broadside of his opponent, he manages to put on the racket and find a complicated winning with the field wide open, with which the mini-comeback begins to reach 1-1. They both show a very high level of tennis, engaging in a close fight point to point. The number 11 in the world calls for help from the public and manages to get through a very difficult third game, in which his rival continues to very little wrong.

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Altogether the Argentine play better, yet it fails to create any chance. At the change of court on 3-2 Sinner, referring to Musetti and Berrettini, expresses his simple idea in three words: Take the break. No sooner said than done. Italian returns to command exchanges starting from the answer, he repeatedly stuns Cerundolo and goes to 15-40, getting the first break points from the third game of the second set. The number 27 ATP, under pressure, look for the winner with the straight along the line, which however ends up long. L’light blue takes advantage of it, quickly climbing to 5-2 and guaranteeing himself the possibility of serve for the match (as well as for Italy’s second consecutive victory). The 24-year-old from Buenos Aires tries to stay in the wake and, in a very painful ninth game, he gets up to 15-30. From that moment, however, the number 1 of Italy finds two excellent straight crossesbut on the first two match points Cerundolo invents himself two winning answers. The Argentine also has two dangerous break ballwell canceled by Sinner who, however, loses the contribution of before serviceseeing evaporate five match points. With a splendid damping the Italian gets the sixth chance to close and triumphs thanks to the fourth ace of his game.

These are the first hot considerations by Jannik: “I didn’t play very well, but I tried to stay there as much as possible. Playing at home is very special, my team was very important and supported me a lot. It is an important victory not only for me, but for all of Italy. It wasn’t easy, I tried to push but I didn’t always succeed. I served very well in some moments and others, like at the end of the third, in which I served worse. But it is part of this sport. Malaga is certainly our goal, I may have arrived here a bit late but I have recovered physically. Sunday is another difficult match, even if today there is still a very high level double “.

(Giovanni Pelazzo collaborated)

Davis Cup, Scanagatta: “Berrettini dominant, Sinner suffered but Argentina is beaten”

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