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The Ukrainian: “I played with a great world championship, but I couldn’t wait to see Palabarton again”


The Ukrainian left-handed has returned to Perugia Oleh Plotnytskyi and, after the efforts of the world championship, he has already made himself available to coach Andrea Anastasi.

An exceptional world championship for Ukraine, which reached the quarter-finals of the event and came out one step away from the semifinal after a very hard-fought match with Slovenia, and an amazing world championship for Plotnytskyi, captain and leader of the team and author of a very high tournament closed level as the best hitter of the event. Even 18 aces from Oleh, by far the record holder with the second classified, the Dutch opposite Nimir, at 12.

“It was a historic result for Ukraine, the result above all of good preparation – says Plotnytskyi – We spent practically the whole summer together, demonstrating already from the pre-world friendly matches that we can play at a good level. The start of the World Cup was not the best (defeat in three sets against Serbia, ed), we were tense and we did not express ourselves at our best. But then we had a great tournament thinking, as our coach said and as a captain I also reminded my teammates, to always play every point together without looking at the score, but only concentrating on the team. I am also personally happy with my performance. This is the first tournament with the national team to which I arrived after having made an excellent preparation and the results have been seen. I was in good shape and mentally I was fine too. I can only thank the technical staff and my teammates who helped me a lot ”.

A few days of rest after the World Cup and off to Perugia for his fourth season in the black and white jersey.

“Yes, I returned to Perugia a few days ago, I’m always happy when I come back here and then I can’t imagine myself without Bino (Rizzuto, ed)! I couldn’t wait to see the PalaBarton again, to be back in town. Anna and Sviatoslav (her partner and little Plotnytskyi, ed) are also happy. And now it’s back to hard work. I met the new coach, he made an excellent impression on me ”.

Oleh, one of the idols of the Sirmaniaci curve, also has something to say to his fans.

“I’ll do my best and everything possible to turn around the curve many times, pointing to the Sirmaniaci after an ace.”

DEFINED ADVANCES AND POSTPONEMENTS OF THE FIRST DAYS – The schedule including advances and postponements of the first six Super League matches was issued by the Serie A Volleyball League.

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Some changes also for Sir Safety Susa Perugia, both in terms of times and days. Below are the details of the first six league matches of the Block Devils:

– 1st day Sunday 2 October 2022 Sir Safety Susa Perugia-Vero Volley Monza at 15:30

– 2nd day Sunday 9 October 2022 Emma Villas Aubay Siena-Sir Safety Susa Perugia at 18:00

– 3rd day Saturday 15 October 2022 Sir Safety Susa Perugia-WithU Verona at 20:30

– 4th day Sunday 23 October 2022 Volleyball Padova-Sir Safety Susa Perugia at 18:00 live Raisport

– 5th day (postponed due to the Italian Super Cup) Thursday 8 December 2022 Sir Safety Susa Perugia-Modena Volley at 18:00

– 6th day Sunday 6 November 2022 Sir Safety Susa Perugia-Allianz Milan at 18:00 live Raisport

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