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Dusan Vlahovic certainly represents one of the topics of discussion at Juventus, one of those players who is currently experiencing a difficult time. He has scored four goals to date, but only one from open play in seven appearances, which are not few, but leave a little discussion because his performances always seem to be full of discussion points.

Against Benfica he was one of the worst in the field, with Salernitana he did not shine, with Fiorentina, instead he had not even been deployed on the field, while with PSG he had given, however, a decent contribution.

To date, the problem is the same highlighted in the second part of his first year in black and white, namely being too isolated and unable to affect.

We wonder what has changed from that first night of Juventus-Verona in which Vlahovic was devastating, to this phase in which any defender can stand up to him and block him. Often back to goal, the Serbian striker misses even trivial supports and is often and willingly served in the worst possible way.

WHO’S THE Fault? – as always lies in the middle, on the one hand Dusan has to improve technically in his support and eliminate the nervousness that often characterizes him and does not allow him to perform at his best. The example is Milik who, in the last few games, has been consistently on the net.

On the opposite side, it is not possible that he is often and willingly served badly by the team and that he remains too isolated, the coach must find a way to serve him better, perhaps with more effective balls in the area and Angel di Maria can be the right man to help him, waiting for Federico Chiesa.

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To date, Juventus is doing everything to “not exploit Vlahovic”, a thorough job is needed to make it perform at its best starting from Sunday’s match against Monza.

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