Rain and strong wind, bad weather makes Ironman slip: race and events postponed

Rain and strong wind, bad weather makes Ironman slip: race and events postponed
Rain and strong wind, bad weather makes Ironman slip: race and events postponed
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Bad weather also makes Ironman 2022 slip in Cervia. Due to the weather forecast and the Civil Protection alert in force for Saturday, “orange” for wind and “yellow” for thunderstorms, during a session of the provincial committee for public order and safety chaired by the Prefect Castrese De Rosa held Friday afternoon – in the presence of the organizers – it was decided to postpone the race and the events scheduled for Saturday 17 September to Sunday 18.

Everything will be rescheduled for Sunday, except for adverse weather conditions for that day as well. The decision was made to safeguard the safety of athletes and spectators on the road and at sea. A new meeting of the Committee was called for Saturday afternoon at 6 pm to take stock of the situation and eventually give the definitive okay.

The organization reserves the right, based on the progress of the weather emergency, to verify that all the necessary conditions are in place for the race on Sunday, the day on which the 5150 (Olympic distance) and 70.30 (half distance) races will still take place. The roads will therefore be open on Saturday and will maintain ordinary roads. On Sunday, in case of competitions, there will be the changes to the road system that had been foreseen on Saturday.

Ironman postponed due to bad weather, road changes are also postponed to Sunday

On the other hand, schools are closed on Saturday. The ban on access to the free beach of Cervia on the Lungomare Deledda is in force.

The municipal administration strongly recommends all the population, citizens and guests to follow the following precautions on Saturday, precisely because of the critical weather conditions: avoid frequenting the areas of the beach set up with the necessary equipment for the Ironman sporting event; avoid frequenting the pinewood areas, parks and tree-lined avenues where the strong wind could cause damage and inconvenience; take all precautions to avoid possible damage caused by falling branches or precarious roofing of structures and buildings.


All the emergency civil protection teams are alerted to intervene promptly on the territory. If necessary, call the Local Police on 0544979251, the Carabinieri on 112, the State Police on 113, the Fire Brigade on 115 and the Emergency Department on 118.

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The meeting of the Committee in the Prefecture

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