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“At Roma with players I chose at the Playstation, it’s incredible”

“At Roma with players I chose at the Playstation, it’s incredible”
“At Roma with players I chose at the Playstation, it’s incredible”
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ROMEMady Camara is ready to introduce himself to the fans. The Guinean midfielder, already on the field with the Roma shirt, this afternoon answered the questions of the journalists in the Champions room in Trigoria.

The words of Tiago Pinto: “Hello everyone, today I’m doubly happy, first because we do Mady’s presentation, then because it’s the last presentation (laughs, ed). Seriously, you saw Camara, with so many close matches we didn’t have the right time to make the presentation, but we had Gini’s injury and we had the ability to find the right solution for the team and to bring more alternatives to the coach. I think for Mady it is an important challenge, he gave a good answer and I think that will help us until the end of the season on and off the pitch “.

What surprised you the most about Rome in these two weeks?
“The familiar atmosphere you breathe”.

Who is helping you the most in this placement?
“No one in particular. Everyone welcomed me very well, like a brother. I have to repay this welcome by making myself available”.

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Camara: “A pride to work with Mourinho”

How much did Mourinho’s presence influence your decision to come to Rome? Was it he who pushed you to give up the Champions League?
“Several clubs were interested, I hesitated but when Roma showed up I had no doubts. The coach explained the project to me, I immediately decided that I wanted to come here and as my habit I want to give everything for the team. “.

At Olympiacos you had Manolas as your partner, did he talk to you about Roma? What are the differences between Olympiacos and Roma supporters?
“I certainly talked to him, especially after the agreement with Roma. He talked to me about how great this club is and the warmth that you breathe. Olympiacos have very hot fans and the Roma fans are not far behind. I hope to be welcomed with the same warmth with which I was welcomed in Greece “.

Is 25 years old the biggest chance of your career? What’s it like working with Mourinho?
“Everyone knows Mourinhi, it is a Source of great pride to be at the service of one of the greatest, if not the greatest. It is a beautiful opportunity, the important thing is to be available, to work and not to set limits”.

Magic of Dybala, Pellegrini and first center of Belotti: trio Roma in Helsinki

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Magic of Dybala, Pellegrini and first center of Belotti: trio Roma in Helsinki

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There is a lot of competition in your department. How do you feel about this? What are your long-term prospects?
“I arrived here with the aim of staying a long time, this is my intent. Sharing the locker room with champions such as Matic, Pellegrini, Cristante, Wijnaldum and Bove, with whom I played on the Playstation, is a Source of great pride. humility to help the club achieve its goals “.

What impression did the Italian championship make on you?
“Certainly there are differences with the Greek one, in particular on a tactical and intensity level. Each championship has its own culture, even the French one is different and it will be up to me to adapt. of this very good group “.

How long does it take to get to full physical shape?
“I’m not 100%, but I work day by day to achieve the ideal form to help the team achieve collective goals, which coincide with personal ones”.

What is Mourinho asking of you?
“The coach always encourages me to continue working hard to help the team win games.”

Rome, Gualtieri:

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Rome, Gualtieri: “In October the presentation of the Pietralata project”

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