Agnelli Tipiesse, with Cuneo and Porto Viro to remember and to help

Agnelli Tipiesse, with Cuneo and Porto Viro to remember and to help
Agnelli Tipiesse, with Cuneo and Porto Viro to remember and to help
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Two events, two symbols to remember and a small fan to help. Agnelli Tipiesse is preparing two special events: “Memorial Migliorini-Caironi”, “In the field for Achille”. TO Cisano it’s at Bergamo, to keep one heart beating. This time, however, it is not just a test match but as many occasions in which to commemorate those who contributed to making the two volleyball realities great, albeit in different roles.

Because Gianni Migliorini he was the historic sports director as well as co-founder, in 1971, of the Cisano Volleyball. Because Luciano Caironi, for all simply “Lucianino”, he was an impeccable factotum of Olimpia. Two unforgettable and unforgettable figures that today Tipiesse lambs it unites as examples of work, passion, dedication and availability.

But the rossoblù association wanted to unite another very noble cause and will also be on the field for Achilles. Son of the former Cisano player Simone Losa and his sweetheart Sara was born on March 1, 2022 suffering from Norrie’s disease, an ultra-rare genetic disease (affects 1 in 5 million children) that initially affects only the eyes, but sometimes leads to further complications. By carrying out a series of surgical interventions within 6-7 months of life there is a not negligible probability (about 50%) of regaining the perception of light on at least one of the two eyes of the child. Which in these days is undergoing some of these operations in Detroit, Michigan (United States), which are very expensive and totally borne by the patient. For this the parents have started a crowdfunding (click HERE).

Now Agnelli Tipiesse is also mobilizing and calling his fans together. Saturday 24 September at 6.30 pm at the Pala Pozzoni in Cisano test match with Wedge And Sunday 2 October at 6 pm at the Palasport in Bergamo with Porto Viroalways with free offer admission. Not to be missed. To remember and to help

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