They ask him for the exemption of Allegri, a curtain between Arrivabene and a Juventus fan!

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There Juventus started his season in a mixed way. After the summer market full of impressive hits and big names (Di Maria, Pogba, Paredes, …) they were other expectations against the bianconeri. The ten points in six league games and the defeat in the Champions League against Paris Saint-Germain cannot leave the fans satisfied, eager to return to win in Italy and in Europe.

Allegri Juventus Exemption

Massimiliano inevitably ended up on the table of the guilty Merryheld responsible for the results of the Old lady because of a game judged by many to be too sterile. Precisely for this reason, the hashtag has started circulating among Juventus supporters in recent weeks allegriout to symbolize the little support currently enjoyed by the Tuscan technician.

In this regard today there was a interesting curtain between some fans and Maurizio Arrivabene, CEO of Juventus. At the exit of the Exchange restaurant in fact, at the end of the UEFA lunch between the management of Juve and Benfica, the former Ferrari team principal responded with these words to a fan’s question about the possible exemption of Allegri: “Then do you pay the other one who comes?”


A joke, accompanied by a laugh. But who knows that behind there is a fund of truth.

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