“Zaniolo and Camara owners. Defence? Plan B ready “

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Why is this summer’s match against Tottenham a point of reference?
“Tottenham are the strongest team we have faced this summer and this season. We played against a very powerful team and we didn’t have any defensive problems. The focus is often on the responsibility of the individual. We were always in control of the situation in that match. that’s why it’s a game that I take into consideration. For 90 ‘I haven’t seen that attitude in the other matches. “

What did you see of HJK ​​Helsinki?
“The coach drew my attention. I like the team, I did the analysis of the match and I have been studying them since Monday after the match against Empoli. They are a very organized team, they have beauty in their expression of play. Real Betis lost but it is a false result, this means that the quality of Northern football is changing. The teams are well organized, the technical level has improved, physically they are always there. The match is difficult, maybe people think it is easy but it’s not. “

Is Zaniolo ready to play tomorrow?
“Yes tomorrow he plays. Zaniolo was injured without peace of mind, he wanted to return as soon as possible, he worked hard with the doctors, with the athletic trainers, he wanted to be available. On Monday he wanted to risk, even the match wanted to be available. Ho decided to change after the 2-1, he will play tomorrow but I don’t know if he will have 90 minutes. I’m sure he will be at a high level, he has a lot of motivation and is full of confidence. He was playing very well before the injury. “

The role of Pellegrini with the return of Zaniolo?
“Last year I talked about three Pellegrini, he can do three different roles very well. He is a player who can do everything, it’s a shame to have only one. We try to give him the role or roles where he feels best, normal he can’t do everything together. The team is the most important thing and Lorenzo knows as captain that the team is the most important thing, he has total importance in this team. He is a super important player for us. “

Plan B possible for some changes in defense?
“Plan B tomorrow. Of the three, two will play. I’ll leave Plan B open.”

The condition of Camara?
“He can’t play 90 ‘. When he arrived, he hadn’t played since the match against Slavia Prague and it had been a month. He didn’t work at his best when he arrived because he was having physical difficulties. He is learning our way of playing and the role of the players. our midfielders, but he’ll play tomorrow. “

Will Bove and Svilar have space?
“Rui Patricio plays, I don’t like the competition. Svilar is a goalkeeper of such quality and he will play every now and then but not tomorrow, it doesn’t mean that he will play all six Europa League games. Bove is growing, I remember that when I arrived he was in Primavera. He’s a smart guy, he takes things seriously and is improving. Every opportunity that comes he takes, whether he is a starter and it is a minute. I don’t know if he will do like Zalewski last year, it’s hard to say, however it is growing “.

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Will he leave the decision to the players to take the penalties?
“We always decide before the game, we have a first, a second and a third choice. Clearly, the player must feel the confidence and if he is okay to shoot, in case he gives the opportunity to another teammate. first that in the last was Pellegrini, then tomorrow it will be him again “.

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