Top 14: Louis Carbonel is happy to play alongside Paolo Garbisi

Top 14: Louis Carbonel is happy to play alongside Paolo Garbisi
Top 14: Louis Carbonel is happy to play alongside Paolo Garbisi
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The two were supposed to be competing for the number 10 shirt of Montpellier, but for the moment they have divided the field

Louis Carbonel – ph. Pascal GUYOT / AFP

Louis Carbonel and Paolo Garbisi seemed to have to be two roosters in the same chicken coop: since the former number 10 of Toulon was announced as a new signing of Montpellier, there has been no stop talking, in the various analyzes at the beginning of the season, about which one he could have be Philippe Saint-André’s favorite.

The partial answer, after 160 minutes of rugby, is that Carbonel and Garbisi can coexist, one at the opening and the other deployed as number 12. A Midi Olympique the former under 20 world champion said: “Paolo and I understand each other well. We exchange a lot on the pitch: he can take the place of 10 and I can do the same at 12. There is no doubt: when one of the two is in position, he calls the attack and takes the reins. “

“With two number tens the understanding of the game is pretty quick, it’s a benefit for the team. However, there is a lot of competition for the role of center and in those two positions we will alternate during the year, but for the moment the staff seem to prefer this option. “

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“We also divided the game according to our strengths to help the team better. Even as regards the free-kicks to be kicked in a lineout, we divide them, since he is left-handed and I am right-handed. This difference also opens up different game options on foot releases and kicks made to regain possession. “


On the other hand, it is not the first time that Louis Carbonel has played with another opening half alongside. It had already happened in Toulon with Anthony Belleau, but above all in the French youth national team, that of the first world title, where Romain Ntamack was number 12.

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After two days of Top 14, Montpellier is fourth in the standings with 5 points, one win and one defeat. On the third day he will face Brive away on Saturday 17 September.

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