the Carrarese is one set and one break ahead – OA Sport

the Carrarese is one set and one break ahead – OA Sport
the Carrarese is one set and one break ahead – OA Sport
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The precedents between Italy and Croatia

40-40 Gojo is still doing well with the forehand.

40-A Third double foul for Gojo: there is the fourth break point in favor of Musetti.

40-40 Cushions the Gojo volley very well.

40-A Another straight missed by Gojo: third chance of 3-0.


A-40 Check the Gojo volley well.

40-40 Musetti does not find sufficient depth with the backhand response and gives Gojo time to hit with the forehand.

40-A The tape deflects Musetti’s passer-by and makes him impregnable. Another break ball.

40-40 Covers the Musetti line who plays a beautiful cross forehand.

A-40 Gojo has the ball for the 1-2.

40-40 Ace on the break ball for Gojo.

30-40 WINNING ANSWER FROM MUSETTI! Perfect timing on the forehand: ball for the double break.

30-30 Second double foul for Gojo.

30-15 Gojo’s forehand is on the net, which did not move very well on the wing.

30-0 Out of the backhand in back of Musetti defensive.

15-0 A little along Musetti’s defensive backhand.

2-0 Musetti. Nice serve and surgical damping: the blue extends the advantage also in the second set.

40-30 Body service and winning straight: ball for the 2-0.

30-30 Service, straight and simple smash: perfect Musetti in this point.

15-30 He hits the backhand Musetti with the weight of the body backwards and makes a mistake in width.

15-15 Prolonged exchange, Musetti keeps a good pace and induces his opponent to make mistakes.

0-15 Very adventurous the demi-volée attempted by Musetti, Gojo passes.

1-0 BREAK MUSETTI! Out of turns with the straight Gojo: the world number 30 immediately takes the advantage in the second set.

30-40 Musetti’s very precise and angled response: break ball at the opening of the second set.

30-30 He scores with the Gojo forehand after having served well.

15-30 Another mistake made by the Croatian player.

15-15 Musetti’s nice passer-by: Gojo does not control the touch on the fly.

15-0 Starts with a good Gojo serve.

16.04 Musetti is very good at not being influenced by the ninth game in which he had four set points. The blue did not even concede a break point and made just three free mistakes against eleven winners. Excellent yield on the first serve: 13/15.

6-4 FIRST MUSETTI SET! Solid and concrete the blue that is carried forward.

40-15 First double foul committed by Musetti.

40-0 THE LUNGOLINEA REVERSE! Three more set points arrive.

30-0 The first service is well placed.

15-0 Service, straight and smash: Musetti plays safely.

5-4 Musetti. Gojo comes out of a deep hole, nullifies four set points and still guarantees himself a chance in this set.

A-40 Gojo’s volley solid after having served well.

40-40 Brave serve and volley by Gojo and Musetti can’t find the right angle with the answer.

40-A ENTER MUSETTI WITH THE STRAIGHT! He commanded the whole exchange perfectly! Fourth set point.

40-40 Gojo gets along with the backhand down the line after a good first. Three set points canceled.

30-40 Musetti’s recovery on the short ball is very far.

15-40 Ditches the passer-by Musetti: there was space to play him on the pitch.


0-30 Great defensive lob and then Gojo misses with the forehand!

0-15 Bad mistake by Gojo with the forehand out of the service.

5-3 Musetti. Short ball that remains long, but the blue covers the net well.

40-30 Serve and winning volley! Gorgeous touch under the net.

30-30 Second in kick to come out and straight winning in foiling along the line!

15-30 Gojo’s response is very close to the line, Musetti does not arrive well with the backhand in the back.

15-15 Very deep second of Musetti and Gojo does not keep the answer in the field.

0-15 He pushes with the Gojo answer and then solves with the forehand.

4-3 Musetti. Great turn for the Croatian who remains under a break.

40-0 Winning straight blow from Gojo who finds the line.

30-0 Gojo’s short ball not perfect, but still effective.

15-0 He hits the Gojo backhand very well in advance.

4-2 Musetti. The blue serves with authority, consolidating the advantage.

40-0 Command the great Musetti exchange with the forehand.

30-0 First ace thrown by Musetti.

15-0 Gojo’s backhand is wide.


3-2 BREAK MUSETTI! Passerby deflected by the tape that makes Gojo’s volley impossible: the Carrarese tries to escape.

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40-A Incappa in the double foul Gojo: there is a break point for Musetti.

40-40 Musetti’s backhand is very deep and charged, it forces Gojo to yield.

A-40 Look for the Musetti lob, but it’s long.

40-40 Slow down with the Musetti slice and then accelerate with the backhand along the line!

40-30 Another direct point with the first.

30-30 Excellent first by number 164 in the world.

15-30 Maneuver well with the Gojo straight, moving Musetti like a windshield wiper.

0-30 Narrow backhand pass by Musetti! Gorgeous!

0-15 Musetti’s violent response, deep and incisive.

2-2. Another help from the serve and Musetti keeps the joke.

40-15 Musetti’s short and angled backhand, Gojo fails to defend himself.

30-15 Musetti’s change of pace in the back is very short.

30-0 Winning straight from the center of the field, excellent corner found.

15-0 First winner to come out.

2-1 Gojo. He saves a break point and the Croatian remains ahead, but Musetti is finding points of reference in response.

A-40 Musetti’s back approach is only a little long.

40-40 The Gojo smash is not wrong: Musetti’s blocked response is very short.

30-40 Very deep response from Musetti who takes a precious break point.

30-30 Wrong with the straight Gojo: game that comes back into question.

30-15 He keeps the passer-by Musetti very low and Gojo is unable to play the volley.

30-0 Third ace for Gojo, this time even with the second serve.

15-0 Musetti’s response remains rather short, Gojo closes with the forehand in advance.

1-1. Gojo arrives late on the straight and Musetti takes the first turn of service.

40-30 Musetti’s perfect short ball played after the second serve.

30-30 Great point played by Gojo who defends himself with the high forehand and then pushes with the next straight.

30-15 The forward Musetti field opens very well, maneuvering perfectly with the forehand.

15-15 Predictable short ball, Gojo arrives and places the chop along the line.

15-0 Winning service for Musetti to start.

1-0 Gojo. Perfect in the service in this first game, the 1998 class of Split.

40-0 Second ace from the right for Gojo.

30-0 Musetti too far, closes with the straight Gojo.

15-0 The Croatian player starts with the ace.

THE MATCH BEGINS! At the Gojo service!

15.16 Last year Borna Gojo beat Popyrin, Sonego and Lajovic, playing extraordinary Finals, dragging his national team to the final.

15.13 Borna Gojo won the draw and decided to serve.

15.11 The “YES!” shouted in unison from all over the building! Thrilling atmosphere in Casalecchio di Reno.

15.10 Our hymn, the hymn of Mameli!

15.09 The first hymn to sound is the Croatian one.

15.08 We remember that in Croatia there is no Marin Cilic, absent this week after the round of 16 reached at the US Open.

15.06 The players who enter the field together with their captains have been announced.

15.03 For double the choices of Filippo Volandri are Bolelli and Fognini: they are certainly the most experienced and solid blue couple to oppose the former world number one Mektic and Pavic.

15.00 The Unipol Arena in Bologna is filling up with a large Croatian band, ready to support the Balkan national team.

14.57 It will be a difficult match for Musetti who starts as a favorite and will have to break the ice: he has shown in Bratislava that he can withstand the pressure and loves to wear the blue shirt.

14.54 The group began yesterday with the surprising 2-1 victory of Sweden over Argentina thanks to the victories of the Ymer brothers against Baez and Schwartzman.

14.51 To the microphones of Sky Sport, Simone Vagnozzi declared that Jannik Sinner will make his debut on Friday with Argentina. For today the young blue has been preserved.

14.48 In the second match Matteo Berrettini will face the Cincinnati champion, Borna Coric. A difficult comparison, but certainly within the reach of the Roman player.

14.45 This is a prize for Musetti who brought the decisive point to Italy with his victory against Norbert Gombos in Slovakia: at his debut in Davis he was very ready.

14.42 Lorenzo Musetti thus confronts Borna Gojo: the pupil of Simone Tartarini has never faced the number 164 in the world.

14.39 There will be no Jannik Sinner, still bruised and not in perfect shape after the ankle problem accused at the US Open. Lorenzo Musetti thus becomes number two and Matteo Berrettini number one.

14.36 It will be important to win the two singles: it would be difficult to double against Mektic and Pavic, as demonstrated last year in Turin, when Sonego’s defeat against Gojo was fatal.

14.33 It is already a fundamental challenge for Italy: probably the most difficult match of the group. The first two go to the finals in Malaga: a success today would allow us to experience the series against Argentina and Sweden with more tranquility.

2.30 pm Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE by Musetti-Gojo, the match that opens the series between Italy and Croatia, first day of Group A of the Davis Cup.

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match that opens Italy-Croatia in Group A of the Davis Cup, the one between Lorenzo Musetti and Borna Gojothe number two of the respective national teams.

Lorenzo Musetti is called into question after Jannik Sinner’s forfeit for today’s match: Musetti returns to wear the Italy shirt after taking home the decisive point against Slovakia in the Davis Cup Qualifiers which served as a prelude to the Finals, taken with this group stage.

In front there is Borna Gojo that we learned about last year in Turin. The 1998 class of Split rose to number 164 in the ranking and in 2021 caused great disappointment to Italy, winning against Lorenzo Sonego and dragging his Croatia to the final, also winning against Alexei Popyrin and Dusan Lajovic. His Davis Cup record is four wins and three losses.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE by Musetti-Gojo that opens the tie between Italy and Croatia in Group A of the Davis Cup. The event will start at 15.00 at the Unipol Arena in Bologna. Good fun!

Photo: LaPresse / Olycom

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