Serie A, changes coming: it will happen in October

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After what happened in the last round of the championship, with the controversy that took the stage in the match between Juventus and Salernitanaa turning point could come in our league.

Lega Serie A would like to reduce to the bone the opportunities for controversy on the part of the clubs. This is why he would have in mind to introduce a great novelty to try to fill those gaps that the Var showed in the last round of the championship and beyond.

Serie A semi-automatic offside

There A league he would therefore have decided to intervene, adopting a solution that could start as early as next October. This is called SAOT (Semi – Automated – Offside – Technology), i.e. the so-called semi-automatic offside.

According to Gazzetta dello Sportthis new measure will make it possible to avoid scenes like the one that happened last Sunday at the Stadium.

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This will happen thanks to the implementation of twelve pitchside cameras which will guarantee the referee an answer within thirty seconds and will avoid any possibility of having uncovered corners. The final decision, underlines the rosea, would still be entrusted to the human component.

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