a dreamed, sought, achieved result – iVolley Magazine

a dreamed, sought, achieved result – iVolley Magazine
a dreamed, sought, achieved result – iVolley Magazine
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(Carlo Lisi for iVolleymagazine.it) 24 years after Tokyo 1998 Italy returns to qualify for the final of a men’s World Championship. A great result dreamed of, sought, desired, but certainly not taken for granted. Giannelli and his teammates with a very high level performance have dominated Slovenia in the semifinals and now they challenge Poland, hostess, supported by an entire population. Lots of opponents for a young team, full of rookies who once again demonstrated in the sixth match of this strange and challenging World Cup that they have a ferocious desire to win, but above all to know how to do it.
In such a complex day due to its psychological implications, some of De Giorgi’s boys, prepared and serene leader, were exalted and surpassed: transforming a World Cup semi-final almost into an act of ordinary administration.
Lavia’s race was exceptional, finishing with 15 points and a 75% who speaks for himself; excellent that of Romanò, started in a negative way in attack and ended in an exciting way; to frame that of Fabio Balaso in the back ward, generous and precious that of the two Galassi power plants and above all of the veteran of only 30 years Anzani. Michieletto struggled more than usual but his presence and his smiles made him equally a positive protagonist. We deliberately left captain Simone Giannelli for last, decisive, precise, back to being in blue the leader who from little more than a child carried the flag on the second flagpole of the Rio 2016 Olympics. His words at the end of the match: “This is a team that goes on, whatever happens. Let’s go ahead, with our heads held high ”represent the synthesis of what all Italian fans see in them, in their desire to fight, to suffer and to win.
Tomorrow evening the challenge for the title against Poland will be broadcast by RaiUno, a great recognition for all this sport and for all those who like us love it.
It’s been 24 years since the last time the Italian flag flew on the highest flagpole of a World Cup, let yourself go to sleep, they think it’s probably time to go back
ITALY 3-0 SLOVENIA (25-21 25-22 25-21)
ITALY: Anzani 7, Romanò 14, Lavia 15, Galassi 5, Giannelli 2, Michieletto 9. Balaso (L), Recine, None ntrati: Sbertoli, Pinali, Bottolo, Russo, Scanferla (L), Moscow. Herdsman De Giorgi.
SLOVENIA: Urnaut 10, Kozamernik 4, Stern T. 1, Cebulj 18, Pajenk 6, Vincic 1. Kovacic (L). Ropret 1, Mozic 11, Stalekar, Not entered: Gasparini, Koncilja, Klobucar (L), Stern Z. All. Cretu
REFEREES: Cespedes (Dom) and Alhamadi (Uae)

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