Napoli’s report cards – Ndombele late, Raspadori saved by the goal. Kvaratskhelia the best

Napoli’s report cards – Ndombele late, Raspadori saved by the goal. Kvaratskhelia the best
Napoli’s report cards – Ndombele late, Raspadori saved by the goal. Kvaratskhelia the best
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Final result: Napoli-Spezia 1-0

Meret 6 – He is practically never called into question by La Spezia. Slightly uncertain about some exit, to go nit-picking.

By Lorenzo 6 – Usual a lot of running, usual defensive solidity despite a perennial push. This kind of performance is no longer news for him,

Rrahmani 6.5 – The rescue on Kiwior on the misunderstanding between Meret and Mario Rui is providential. He practically never lets himself be overcome and, somewhat surprisingly, he also holds up in speed duels on the restarts of the bianconeri sprinters.

Juan Jesus 6.5 – Seasonal debut without too many thoughts or problems. He never misses the positioning and this allows him to never go into trouble and to always keep the wall high.

Mario Rui 5.5 – The usual right balance between the two phases that would lead him to sufficiency, but half a vote less for the error in support that almost gives the ball of 1-0 to Kiwior in the second half.

Zambo Anguissa 6.5 – Without Lobotka, it is the pivot on which all Napoli rests. Each ball passes by its foot and is handled with the usual calm and elegance. He destroys the game of others and favors that of his team, with technique and physicality: the midfielder that everyone would like to have. From 57 ‘Zielinski 6 – He is not always precise, but his contribution in the opposing half is important. He touches many balls and favors the maneuver.

Ndombele 5 – The difference with Lobotka is obvious. With the former Lyon, who has yet to enter the team mechanisms and is late in condition, the ball turns more slowly. He loses a bloody possession and gives La Spezia the first chance to score. The substitution at half-time, like with Lecce, sounds like a rejection. From 46 ‘Lobotka 6.5 – He comes in and the ball spins faster. The Slovak is the light of Napoli. The ball was heavenly for Lozano almost at the end of the game.

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Elmas 5.5 – It blows in gusts, like the wind. When it lights up it gives interesting flashes of football, even if a little confusing at times. At times, however, it disappears and is not very lucid. From 75 ‘Gaetano sv

Politano 5.5 – Too little enterprising, perhaps also due to fatigue from the many commitments. Bear makes his life difficult, the blue outside never skips him. Some good finishing for the teammates and little else. From 57 ‘Lozano 6 – You eat two goals, one practically already scored. He overtakes the opponent better than his predecessor and puts the ball in for Raspadori’s 1-0, thus saving his performance.

Raspadori 6.5 – He moves a lot, he always tries to give a trace, but his weight is not felt in the penalty area. He wastes two important opportunities: first he does not hit a low cross on the near post, from two steps, then he shoots a penalty in motion to the stars. But in the end the first joy with the blue jersey arrives, at the third chance he is ready and gives him the three points. We wouldn’t have given him enough, but the decisive goal changes everything due to his weight.

Kvaratskhelia 7 – Amazing physical and mental condition, he knows it and never gives up trying to dribble and play. Electric, slippery, very elegant when he touches the ball. He creates at least three chances for himself to score, despite being caged. He closes with 100% duels won. From 68 ‘Simeone 6 – He fights, makes a door, combines with his teammates. He never makes himself dangerous, but his attitude is to be rewarded.

Luciano Spalletti 6.5 – At Maradona someone was already turning up their noses and blaming him, when the result was 0-0 a few minutes from the end. With the turnover – necessary, given the many commitments – the team runs more slowly, but this is normal. Then at the interval he tries to change things with Lobotka, the lighthouse of the median, and his Napoli grows. But he doesn’t score and he gets impatient. He tries them all and in the end finds the goal. The epilogue is different from Napoli-Lecce, although the ghosts of that match had been seen. The credit is also of him.

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