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Italy in the final with the women! Men for third place – OA Sport

Italy in the final with the women! Men for third place – OA Sport
Italy in the final with the women! Men for third place – OA Sport
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Italy only touches the bracewhich is in the final with the women in the’Euro League 2022 of beach soccerwhile the men they will have to play the finalina for third place: to Cagliari training male today it yields sharply for 3-8 against Portugaland tomorrow will face the Spain for the lowest step of the podiumwhile selecting female fold for Ukraine 3-1 and tomorrow will challenge the Spain in the’last Stand.

So al federal site Emiliano Del Duca, coach of both national teams: The girls have accomplished a great feat and I am proud of them. But they are just as bad as the guys who, despite the objective difficulties, played a stubborn match against a professional team that is among the strongest in the world. Tomorrow we have, for the first time in the history of this sport in Italy, a European final against Spain and it is incredible what the girls have managed to do in less than a year. We will honor both commitments by giving everything we have“.


Italy-Portugal 3-8 (1-1; 0-2; 2-5)
Italy. Casapieri, Genovali, Fazzini, Zurlo, Sciacca. Available Paterniti, Miceli, Genovali, Gori, Remedi. Herds Del Duca.
Portugal. Andrade, Be Martins, Lourenco, Coimbra, Leo Martins. Available Regufe, Bernardo, Batalha, Pintado, Belchior, Pinhal, Torres. Herds Narciso.
Referee. Tashkov; Assistants, Borisevics (LVA) and Ostrowski.
Goals: 4’pt Leo Martins, 8’pt Casapieri; 7’st Pintado, 10’st Be Martins; 1’tt Leo Martins, 3’tt Coimbra, 4’tt Leo Martins, 5’tt Remedi, 7’tt Pintado, 11’tt Gori, 12’tt Be Martins.

Spain-Switzerland 5-8
Italy-Portugal 3-8

Sunday 11th September
Final 3rd and 4th place: Italy– Spain at 15.00.
Final: Portugal vs Switzerland at 5.30 pm.


Italy-Ukraine 3-1 (1-0; 0-0; 2-1)
Italy. Ruotolo, Pisa, Saggion, Vecchione, Privitera. Available Costantini, Iannella (C), Mallorca, Olivieri, Pagiarino, Naticchioni, Ponzini. Herds Del Duca.
Ukraine. Terekh, Dekhtiar, Kostiuk, Vypasniak, Kramna. Available Kyrylchuk, Vasyliuk, Dubytska, VolovenkoTykhonova, Klipachenko. Herds Klymenko.
Referee. Gomes Soares (POR); Assistants, De Oses Bumedien (ESP) and Gerhardt (GER).
Networks: 6’pt Privitera; 4’tt Olivieri, 6’st Volovenko, 8’tt Saggion.

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Spain-Portugal 5-2
Italy-Ukraine 3-1

Sunday 11th September
Final 3rd and 4th place: Portugal-Ukraine at 13.30.
The final Italy– Spain, at 4.15 pm

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