Cadiz-Barcelona 0-4, the report cards: Lewandowski driver. de Jong ubiquitous

Cadiz-Barcelona 0-4, the report cards: Lewandowski driver. de Jong ubiquitous
Cadiz-Barcelona 0-4, the report cards: Lewandowski driver. de Jong ubiquitous
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Cadiz 0-4 Barcelona


Ledesma 4.5 – Seriously insufficient for the four goals collected, on which he has more than some responsibility, from 10, instead, for the race with which he takes the defibrillator to the Cadiz doctor to help the fan who felt ill in the 81st minute.

Zaldua 5.5 – He oversees the out of the right suffering, most of the time, the Blaugrana offensive sorties.

Hernández 6 – Lead Sergio’s rear guard, paying no attention to particular frills in the defensive phase.

Mbaye 5.5 – Play alongside Hernández making a few mistakes too many in the defensive aspect.

Espino 5.5 – Control the left wing struggling, despite the effort, to stem the Barça forwards.

Fernández 5.5 – Captain Sergio’s men by touching a small number of balls in the middle of the field (from 72 ‘Alarcón 5.5 – He takes over from Fernández, not bringing the hoped-for liveliness in the middle of the field).

San Emeterio 5.5 – He suffered the dribble of the blaugrana midfielders trying, without success, the conclusion from distance (from 72 ‘Alcaraz 6 – He replaces San Emeterio looking, a couple of times, for the goal).

Alejo 6 – Create a couple of dangers for the Barça defense before creating a couple for his own with two suspicious contacts in the yellow-blue penalty area (from 60 ‘Bongonda 6 – He takes the place of Alejo making him appreciate, for the most part, from a corner).

Sober 5.5 – Search timidly for the conclusion at the start before getting lost, little by little, as the minutes pass (from 72 ‘Negredo 5.5 – He takes over from Sobrino, not making himself noticed in the goal area).

Ocampo 5 – He touches a very low number of balls by competing in a test that is nothing short of anonymous.

Pérez 5 – He struggles to get into the game correctly, almost always bumping into the Blaugrana defenders (from 72 ‘Mabil 5.5 – He replaces Pérez and hardly ever worries the Barça defenders).

Annex Sergio 5 – Capitola in the second half, after a very good first half, not celebrating the club’s 112 years in the best way.


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ter Stegen 6 – He keeps his goal clean as he is practically never called into question by the attackers of Cadiz.

Bellerín 6 – He regularly runs along the right wing attacking and defending with the same self-denial.

Araújo 6 – Back Piqué on the center-right making a couple of noteworthy closures.

Pique 6 – Directs Xavi’s back pack by setting, with quality, from the bottom up.

Baldé 6 – He runs along the left-handed out supporting, with his crosses, the attacking maneuver of Barça (from 78 ‘Alonso 6 – He takes over from Baldé making his debut with the Barça shirt).

de Jong 7 – He enters intelligently realizing, in a rapacious way, the 1-0 network.

Busquets 6 – Provides the right balance to the formation of Xavi making himself dangerous, for the most part, on the developments of the corners.

Gavi 6.5 – Various wisely in the middle of the field propitiating, with his low cross, the 1-0 blaugrana goal (from 57 ‘Pedri 6 – He replaces Gavi by bringing new energy to the Barça midfield).

Raphinha 6.5 – Start on the right foot, hitting a pole at the start, before progressively lowering as the minutes pass (from 72 ‘Fati 6.5 – He takes the place of Raphinha realizing, with the door wide open, the goal of 3-0).

Depay 5.5 – Work along the entire frontline wasting, alas, a couple of good scoring (from 57 ‘Lewandowski 7.5 – He takes over from Depay making himself the protagonist of a goal and an assist).

Torres 6 – It lights up at times by touching, in the first half final, a splendid personal network (from 57 ‘Dembélé 6.5 – He replaces Torres by signing, with the complicity of Ledesma, the final goal 4-0).

Annex Xavi 8 – Lower the poker at the bottom of Cadiz with the 4th consecutive victory in the championship.

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