Juventus transfer market, does the goal fade on a free transfer? Crazy request from the football player!

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There Juventus, despite the transfer market having just ended, he is already monitoring upcoming transfer goals, looking for opportunities that could appeal to the Juventus management. Among these is Marcos Asensiowing of the real Madrid. The Spanish winger has been leaving Real Madrid for years, but the sale of him has never been completed. For years, in fact, the player has been approached from a perspective Juventus.

This time, however, barring surprises, he will leave Real Madrid in zero parameter given the contract expiring next June 2023. However, as reported by El Nacional Asensio would have asked for a mega signing bonus.

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In fact, the Spanish winger seems to have asked for a rich bonus from 25 million euros upon signing. A figure that, in fact, no longer makes the operation sustainable and low-cost for the Juventus club’s coffers.


Reason why, under these conditions, hardly the Juventus he will try to make an attempt for the class of 1996 and in all likelihood will turn to a new goal

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The article is in Italian

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