Volleyball, who are the players of Poland in the World Cup Final. Kurek the star, absent Leon – OA Sport

Volleyball, who are the players of Poland in the World Cup Final. Kurek the star, absent Leon – OA Sport
Volleyball, who are the players of Poland in the World Cup Final. Kurek the star, absent Leon – OA Sport
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Italy will face Poland in the World Cup Final 2022 men’s volleyball. The Azzurri will be called to a real undertaking: defeat the World Champions in front of the pit of Katowice, 12,000 fans who will push the red and white towards the third consecutive world title. The European Champions, however, have all the credentials to invent magic on the road. Let’s take a detailed look at who will be the opponents of the boys of the CT Fefé De Giorgi.

Poland benefited from the number 1 seed in the knockout phase, a kind gift granted by the FIVB to the hosts in spite of sporting merits. The World Champions, however, did not have a very simple path, given that after the catwalk against Tunisia they have had to deal with the US (beaten at tie-break after 3-1 in the group stage) and Brazil (another tie-break). It is a team capable of making a difference in attack, very powerful in the serve, impeccable in defense and endowed with a great patience under the net.

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The man of reference is the opposite Bartosz Kurek, a real dynamite giant: he was MVP of the last World Championships and will try to repeat himself, we admired him with the Monza shirt in the 2019-2020 season and now he has moved to Japan with the Wolf Dogs from Nagoya shirt. We remember that instead the other great star Wilfredo Leon is missingthe spiker of Cuban origins who was called out due to physical problems and whom we will meet again in October with the Perugia shirt.

The 34-year-old usually lights up when he wears the jersey of his national team, guarantees a ton of points in all circumstances and at times can be unstoppable. Director Marcin Janusz he is well known by Michieletto and Lavia, given that his ZAKSA defeated Trento in the last two Champions League Finals: he is not a champion and he is inconspicuous, but he is very solid and when he leans on Kurek it makes the difference. His chemistry is also excellent with spikers Kamil Semeniuk and Aleksander Sliwka: the first was bought by Perugia and left ZAKSA, where the second has been active for four years.

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They are quality attackers and with good talent, they sink in parallel and use the mani-out well: they will have to be contained with great care. The central Mateusz Bieniek he is a champion: first times in bursts and big walls, now he is at Skra Belchatow but in 2019-2020 he was in Civitanova. He will be joined by Jakub Kochanowski, who won a Champions League with ZAKSA and has been playing with Asseco Resovia since last season. Do not underestimate the free Pawel Zatorski (Resovia).

Photo: FIVB

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