Napoli-Spezia, CM’s report cards: Raspadori blows up Maradona, Ndombele late. Kiwior Wall | First page

Napoli-Spezia, CM’s report cards: Raspadori blows up Maradona, Ndombele late. Kiwior Wall | First page
Napoli-Spezia, CM’s report cards: Raspadori blows up Maradona, Ndombele late. Kiwior Wall | First page
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Napoli-Spezia 1-0


Meret 6: he is not in too many dangers and is on good guard. He risks becoming one of the protagonists of a mess in the second half but it is Mario Rui who misses the support.

By Lorenzo 6: he often overlaps, especially in the first half trying to create numerical superiority but the Spezia gives almost nothing.

Rrahmani 6: has only one indecision but it does not materialize and for the rest is good guard.

Juan Jesus 6.5: Nzola is not a simple customer with his physicality, but the Brazilian defender works with experience and manages to stem him with punctuality.

Mario Rui 5.5: seventy minutes of experience and concreteness but then commits an enormous naivete that risks giving the goal to Spezia but Kiwior wastes.

Anguissa 6.5: after the sumptuous test against Liverpool he is still on the field and puts quality and intensity into it (12 ‘st Zielinski 6.5: at the moment when Napoli seemed to be dropping he gives a little shock with his swerves and goes close to scoring but Dragowski tells him no).

Ndombele 5.5: the pace is already starting to be better than in the match against Lecce, but it is not yet 100%. It has to grow a lot to be a protagonist in this Naples (1 ‘st Lobotka 6.5: with him in the field is always another Napoli, the ball turns fast. Raspadori’s goal comes from his launch to open and find Lozano).

Elmas 5.5: when it goes to attack between the lines it initially seems to become dangerous, but overall it is smoky and not very incisive. Often loses references when there is to help in the non-possession phase (30 ‘st Gaetano 6: a few minutes but the impact is good. He plays some balls vertically and throws himself in on Raspadori’s goal).

Politano 6: he is always active, in the heart of the game and looks for ideas by returning to the left-handed without finding the decisive twist (12 ‘st Lozano 6.5: when it accelerates and goes to the bottom it becomes dangerous. Just like it happens in the 89th minute when he manages to run away before putting the ball collected by Raspadori in the center for the winning goal).

Raspadori 7: a lot of movement up front and little space found. In the end, however, Maradona explodes with the goal almost to the last breath that weighs three points.

Kvaratskhelia 6.5: comes with a double tunnel and a quick shot saved by Dragowski. Minutes pass and he constantly undergoes doubling (22 ‘st Simeon 6: makes a door against the tough defense of Spezia and tries to free Raspadori as much as he can).

Herds Spalletti 6.5: European weariness is felt a lot and a high temperature is also added. He has the stubbornness to leave Raspadori on the pitch who scores the winning goal.


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Dragowski 6.5: he risks ending the match prematurely due to injury but remains in the field and becomes the protagonist of decisive saves.

Ampadu 5.5: when Kvaratskhelia points him he often goes into trouble (25 ‘st Hristov 5.5: loses the marking on Raspadori’s winning goal).

Kiwior 7: it’s on all balls. He closes the conclusions, he also becomes an added goalkeeper and never sticks to the attackers without leaving spaces. He even has the chance for the winning goal but fails to put precision into it.

Nikolau 6.5: great defensive solidity despite two bad customers like Politano and Lozano.

Holm 5.5: defensive phase to be reviewed, but when there is a need to push it becomes annoying for Napoli.

Agudelo 6.5: among the best of the Ligurians, he puts quality and imagination into it, creating some headaches at Napoli (32 ‘st Room sv).

Bourabia 6.5: excellent filter in front of the defense. He reads with attention and precision the many balls that pass between the midfield and the opponent’s attack (25 ‘st Ellertsson 5.5: slow to fall back and go to support the defense).

Sticks 6: he tries to work a lot in interdiction with intensity and pays the price when there is to be built but all in all he can be satisfied (17 ‘st Kovalenko 6: produces the same job but with less effect than Batons).

It bears 6: race of sacrifice to try to stay behind Politano and Di Lorenzo who are up and down the band for 90 minutes.

Gyasi 6: some good ideas come from him there in front.

Nzola 5.5: little present in the offensives of La Spezia, Juan Jesus never leaves him room.

Gotti 6: what is presented at the Maradona is a good Spezia. Only the joke at the last denies him the draw but for the attitude in both phases there is to be satisfied.

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