“Locatelli out, Chiesa trains on the pitch. We have to become unpleasant”

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Allegri: “Paris leaves us the good reaction after the 2-0”

Paris did not bring points, but also leaves something good: “After the 2-0 we had a good game, had a good reaction. The thing I don’t like is that after the Paris match, Juve passed as a team that played well after the 2-0. We passed for the nice ones, we must be anticipating because this means that we are winning. You have to take the positive from the game and the negative from these things. The boys know this and tomorrow we have an important match, to be faced with the right seriousness and without presumption. We are working well, we try day after day to create conditions to ensure that the objectives can be achieved. We don’t have to be nice or pretty “.

Allegri: “Tomorrow is the most difficult match”

Allegri reiterates a concept, if it is not clear: “I have not decided on the formation, I will decide in the morning. The most important match is tomorrow’s: he has to give us the push to face the match with Benfica in the best way. Tomorrow is the most difficult to prepare. In Italy there is more tactics, less space. Matches like with PSG are easier to prepare “.

Juve is a construction site, but where are we? There is a great desire to work, to win again. We are missing important players, because as a number we would be more so I could have made more changes. We need to arrive at 13 November being in the best conditions of the classification, and then start a new season in January. We can’t screw it up this month. “

Allegri: “I have the same optimism as Elkann”

Allegri ‘copy’ John Elkannwho said he was confident of being able to win the Scudetto immediately: “I have the optimism he has too. With all due respect to the other players, if we take away Pogba, Di Maria and Chiesa, the equivalent to the other teams? The prospect can be more than rosy. To do this we cannot be nice and pretty, otherwise I get very angry “.

Allegri: “Vlahovic must score, and he scored 4”

The analysis moves on to the attack: Kean he got in well in Paris, badly in Florence. In the center left he does better. “ Vlahovic: “We try to help him, he is improving on touching more balls. The other day someone said that Haaland he touched the same number of balls in the first games. Dusan likes to attack the depth more, Milik connect the game more. Vlahovic has to score, and he scored 4. He technically had a better game in Paris. The nuances of the game, the unmarking, will improve them along the way, with experience. Those of 35 years improve, let alone those of 22 “.

Allegri: “Vlahovic and Milik? I don’t know if they will play together”

On the form, Allegri does not send them to say: With these numbers you send me to the asylum, it is a question of the characteristics of the players. When I get old, someone will say that I am right. Tomorrow I don’t know if Vlahovic and Milik will play together, I will have another match on Wednesday. We hope to find the eleven to play the right game, then the changes become important. The 5 who enter determine the game. Everything has changed with this exchange system, those who are on the bench must feel more like owners because they determine good and bad in matches. “

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Allegri: “I train Juve, I know we have to go back to winning”

On the criticisms received, Allegri shrugs: “SI see things in a different way when I bathe. I coach Juventus, I know we have to go back to winning. We work with passion, we try to improve. I also wish all the steps were right, but so you can do it against the shapes but you can’t do it against the shapes either. We work with serenity to create the conditions to bring Juventus where it deserves. “

Allegri: “After Paris we didn’t have to be happy”

The Juventus coach hits a button again: “On Tuesday, when we left Paris, there was no joy. But the awareness of having done good things but not the result. These matches deceive you. ” Against Fiorentina, and it wasn’t the first time, Juve got back together: “We talked about it with the guys. These games happen when we take the lead and stop, we have to keep playing because the game is long and it can’t be enough. “

Allegri: “I hope to have the Church before the stop for the World Cup”

Insights on the Church: “I hope to have him before the break for the World Cup. 100% of his return will be in January. He is working on the pitch alone, we hope to have him as soon as possible with the team. “

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