Naive Obert, Radunovic makes no mistake

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The Vigorito match between Benevento and Cagliari has just ended: these are the rossoblù report cards of FootballCasteddu

RADUNOVIC: VOTE 7. He immediately opposes Acampora, twice. In the second half he finds himself hit by Forte (50th), then he is good on Improta. Sure, he doesn’t do anything wrong.

HOE: VOTE 6. In the first few minutes he seems to be able to move forward, but he does not last long and retreats. Smudge-free performance. Yellow at 92 °.

GOLDANIGA: VOTE 6. Try to rely on the experience. Even if Forte, who jumps to his head and makes a mistake two steps away from him, risks mocking him.

ALTAR: VOTE 6. Bad mistake on the edge of the area, however, he fielded decisive interventions.

OBERT: VOTE 5. He often supports the action in the trocar, without bite. He is naively expelled for double yellow, leaving Cagliari in ten for half an hour.

PURPLE: VOTE 5.5. Takes a stomp from Karic, Koutsoupias doubles. He disputes a slow first half and leaves the field after about sixty minutes.

From the 63rd CARBONS: VOTE 6. Few balls touched, one misses but at 95 ° it produces an excellent percussion in the area.

MAKOUMBOU: VOTE 5.5. He loses a bloody ball in the 5th, recovers others: however he is more inaccurate than usual, he grants Forte a very dangerous conclusion.

ROG: VOTE 6. He starts with the usual aggressive attitude. Risk the penalty with an unsanctioned touch of the arm, try the shot without success.

From the 63rd DEIOLA: VOTE 6. Luvumbo needs an excellent ball: the timely launch yields 0-2.

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NÁNDEZ: VOTE 6. Deployed as an attacking winger, we see very little in the first 45 minutes. At 71 ° he loses a very favorable ball in the Benevento area, for one more dribbling. Less roasted today, but appreciable.

From the 74th LUVUMBO: VOTE 7. He scored in the 83rd minute, goal initially removed for offside then conceded: first professional goal in Italy. Quarter of an hour plus high intensity recovery.

MANCOSU: VOTE 6. Lapadula starts with no luck. He does not spare himself across the board, Lapadula fishes – an assist fouled by a defender – in the 0-1 action.

From the 86th DOSSENA: VOTE NG

LAPADULA: VOTE 6.5. He makes an incomprehensible foul on Veseli, a symptom of special attention received. He scores the first goal in the league, in front of the former fans, which he pays homage by not cheering. Long last!

From the 63rd PAVOLETTI: VOTE 6. Backwards to play some balls and try to pick up the team. He runs into some minor skirmishes with opponents.

LIVERANI: VOTE 6.5. Little bite in the first part of the match: at the first cooling break he “catechizes” him to shake the balance. Lapadula’s goal unlocks everything, the red to Obert brings back underwater. But in Benevento Cagliari are finally cynical and resist without conceding a goal, with the icing of the substitute Luvumbo scoring 0-2. A deserved success that gives confidence.



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