“We won the last derby. Sticks to be evaluated, with Lautaro one between Correa and Dzeko”

“We won the last derby. Sticks to be evaluated, with Lautaro one between Correa and Dzeko”
“We won the last derby. Sticks to be evaluated, with Lautaro one between Correa and Dzeko”
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Inter coach Simone Inzaghi spoke at a press conference on the eve of the Derby against Milan. These are the words of the Nerazzurri coach collected by TMW colleagues.

How are you using your memory from last year’s match?
“Last year there were many derby games, the last one was won 3-0 by Inter and allowed us to win a trophy. We know what happened in the return to the league, I think a derby is loaded. on their own. I have guys with great personality and desire, the first two classifieds of the last championship are compared. And as in all games, this year too the races will be balanced “.

A market balance. Is Inter what you wanted?
“Yes, the club worked very well, managing to retain important players, knowing that there were clear stakes, set by my arrival. I am satisfied with the team, I know that both sessions have been positive financially, but it counts. that the team is competitive “.

How long will Lukaku be missing? Can he come back before the break?
“He had this injury, our hope is to recover him before the break. It will take some time, but our medical staff are working to make him available as soon as possible. It is a major loss, but we have seen several injuries have occurred in these matches: every team must be ready “.

A thought about the return derby?
“Derby last year we made four, they were balanced and played well. The derbies must be played with great personality, we must be good at making sure that in addition to the episodes the duels count. It will be a derby with many duels, it will need wickedness and determination”.

Pioli said that Milan has strengthened, is it right to say the same thing about Inter?
“That will clearly tell the pitch, as I said before we worked well. The club worked well, keeping the players important, we made an intelligent transfer market with young and experienced players.”

Inter arrive at tomorrow’s match with one more point in the standings. A lot of criticism for the defeat against Lazio, did you hear something you didn’t like?
“No, I said it after the match against Cremonese. There has been a lot of talk about our defeat, it’s normal because we are Inter and a defeat is always news. Four games have passed, we have nine points: I know we can improve from game to game, we have players with an important structure and therefore the more we play the better. Now we will have a tour de force “.


Leaving Ranocchia, Acerbi arrived. What can he add?
“We know him, he is a player who has a lot of experience, he has already worked with me, he knows my methods and those of my staff. He is a national team, he will be of great help: he can play the central or the arm, he must be useful both inside and out. out like Ranocchia was last year, who was an important player, with several appearances in a delicate moment. Against Shakhtar and Napoli he was invaluable. “

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Can sticks play? Dzeko or Correa with Lautaro?
“Today’s training is missing. Bastoni was not at 100 percent before the Cremonese, he had had a feverish rise, but he had given me availability and I preferred to make other choices. In these two days he still had an indisposition, today he will return to the group and I will have to decide. How will I have to do in attack: without Lukaku, there will be three and Lautaro remained on the bench at the beginning against Cremonese, so I will have to choose his partner knowing that Correa did very well and scored, Dzeko has I did an extraordinary job and I was sorry he didn’t score. Even on the flanks I have to choose: I hope Bastoni can be enlisted, we will be 19 on the move plus three goalkeepers, with Lukaku out. “

As a Piacenza, does having won the derby with Cremonese give you a boost?
“Beyond the derbies, it was an important match. We had been coming for three days in which there was too much talk, but as I said before there is: I wanted a reaction from the team, it was there because they played a serious match against an opponent who has collected less than he deserved “.

How’s Gosens doing? Can you carve out an important space for yourself?
“You asked me a question after the match against Cremonese, I didn’t know anything about it. The player is 100% in the Inter world, last year he stayed out for six months and is working with great desire. preferring to let him in, for tomorrow let’s see: I can choose Dimarco or Darmian, or Robin himself “.

You have changed the way Inter play. Can anything change tomorrow, against fast counter-attackers and slow defenders like Inter’s ones?
“This from time to time we try to analyze it. But I think that the difference in games like this is the attitude and motivation. We are the same team that last year remained eight games without conceding a goal regardless of the match. Opponent. The condition must improve and then when you concede a goal I would not be talking only about the three defenders but about the attitude of the whole team “.

Calhanoglu spoke of fire inside. Think of the over-the-top celebrations made by AC Milan players after the Scudetto?
“Everyone does what he believes and what he wants. I personally remember the two evenings with the two trophies in front of our fans and the embrace of our audience on the last day, they applauded us for the season. Then we all know how much tomorrow’s race counts “.

Who has strengthened the most on the market and who is the favorite for the Scudetto?
“They have all strengthened, we have seen how difficult it is to win. Easy matches have not proved to be easy: we are six or seven teams all with one goal in mind, to win. Only one will be able to do it, the others will reach the positions that count.”

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