Waldensians to scream, Montero wins again

Waldensians to scream, Montero wins again
Waldensians to scream, Montero wins again
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Juve Primavera hosts Atalanta on the fourth day of the championship: summary, slow motion, scoreboard, result and live news

(sent to Ale & Ricky in Vinovo) – A Juve Primavera certainly less brilliant than the latest releases manages to snatch three key points for their race. Many ups and downs in a race resolved only in the final by a Waldensian masterpiece.

Juve Atalanta Primavera 3-2: summary and slow motion

1 ′ STARTING WHISTLE – The Vinovo challenge has begun!

5 ‘Atalanta aggressive – The host formation starts better, whose fast and precise dribble forces the bianconeri to hole up in their own half.

10 ′ Juve in confidence – Montero’s team is entering the game. The bianconeri are now administering the ball in search of the right opening to strike.

13 ′ Atalanta punishment – Pisapia knocks Chiwisa down. Free kick for the Goddess from 25 meters.

15 ‘Muhameti dangerous – Great conclusion by the 8 Atalantino, Scaglia opposes by rejecting with his hand.

17 ′ Conclusion Hasa – Nice shot by the 10 of Juve directly from a set piece, Bertini takes refuge for a corner.

20 ‘Rouhi shot – Nice triangulation in the strait by the bianconeri forwards. The action is concluded by a conclusion of the 3 bianconero, who, however, does not find the mirror of goal.

24 ‘Nonge warned – Disrupted and late entry by the 22 Juventus, inevitable yellow.

30 ′ Cooling break – The two teams take advantage of a forced interruption to regain energy and reorganize their ideas.

32 ′ Chiwisa very dangerous – Large diagonal left by Atalanta 7, ball that comes out of a breath.

36 ‘Turkish tries – Conclusion from the outside that ends well outside the goal.

38 ‘Strijdonck pole – Montero’s team stretches very well in the open field. Strijdonck kicks towards the goal but his shot hits the post.

44 ′ Gol Muhameti – At the end of the first half, Atalanta pass with a beautiful conclusion from a distance from Muhameti.

END OF FIRST HALF – Teams at rest after the first fraction.

46 ‘Second half – Off to the second half: we start again from 0-1 for Atalanta.


51 ‘TURKISH GOAL – Nice action by Juve started by Pisapia, finished by Nonge and finalized by Turco, who beats Bertini in a tap-in.

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56 ‘GOAL HUIJSEN – Nice head-off inside the penalty area, the bianconeri overturn it in a few minutes!

65 ′ Atalanta draws – Nice detachment of the head by Guerini, a fortuitous rebound beats Scaglia: the Goddess evened the scores.

71 ′ Strijdonck you make a mistake from the spot – Error from eleven meters on the part of Juventus 7, who kicks very high over the crossbar.

75 ‘Nonge Boende inaccurate – Bad ball from the trocar by Juventus 22, opportunity thrown to the wind.

81 ‘Chiwasa sent off – Double warning came after a late entry on Hasa. Juve in numerical superiority.

87 ‘Waldenses to scream – Conclusion on the fly from distance that surprises the extreme defender Bertini and leads the Bianconeri forward.


Best of the match Juve: Nonge Boende REPORT CARDS

Juve Atalanta Primavera 3-2: result and match report

Networks: 44 ′ Muhameti, 51 ′ Turkish N., 56 ′ Huijsen, 65 ′ aut. Huijsen, 87 ‘Waldensians

Juve Pirmavera (4-3-3): Scaglia, Valdesi, Dellavalle, Huijsen, Rouhi (54 ′ Moruzzi); Pisapia (54 ′ Doratiotto), Nonge, Hasa; Strijdonck (84 ′ Mbangula), Turco N. (67 ′ Galante), Yildiz (67 ′ Mancini). Annex Montero. Available Daffara, Vinarcik, Citi, Morleo, Maressa, Ripani, Anghelè.

Atalanta (4-4-2): Bertini, Del Lungo, Bernasconi, Chiwisa, Muhameti, Palestra, Guerini, Vitucci (61 ′ De Nipoti), Stabile (61 ′ Vavassori), Colombo (77 ′ Ghezzi), Regonesi. Annex. Foil. Available. Maglieri, Roaldsoy, Fisic, Abdi Shakur, Riccio, Bordigo, Armstrong, Bevilacqua, Tornaghi.

Referee: Knight of Paola

Ammonites: 24 ′ Nonge Boende, 41 ′ Chiwisa

Exploded: 81 ′ Chiwasa

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