Juve, what’s going and what’s wrong. Spark with Paredes-Di Maria

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TURIN – The market has closed one window and another will open immediately. We talk about it with Filippo Crow: what is and what is wrong with Juventus after 4 rounds of the championship and with the squad defined: «From January to August 8 hits have revolutionized the team. It would be 9, but Zakaria went to Chelsea and Arthur to Liverpool. With Ramsey who terminated the contract, the amount of wages went down, also thanks to De Ligt, the highest paid with his 12 million, sold to Bayern. Objective achieved, therefore. What’s up? One name above all: Dusan Vlahovic. Which always scores and also on punishment. The Serbian returns to Florence where he exploded and where that set piece with Spezia reminded many of some of the great goals Batistuta. What’s wrong? The team is not yet the one thought by Merry Why Pogba he stopped in the US and recovery times are uncertain. And to review Church it will take patience. Maybe in January the technician will get them back together. But we need to win now, between the championship and the Champions League. Of Maria he returned with La Spezia and with the latest arrival Paredes it will be necessary to find the right chemistry. But the spark is already lit … ».

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Real Juventus with Pogba and Chiesa

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