Pagellone Bologna-Salernitana: Lassana roars, Sepe decisive, Bradaric and dim light – Salernitana News

Pagellone Bologna-Salernitana: Lassana roars, Sepe decisive, Bradaric and dim light – Salernitana News
Pagellone Bologna-Salernitana: Lassana roars, Sepe decisive, Bradaric and dim light – Salernitana News
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SEPE 7. Bravely exits out of the area to anticipate Arnautovic launched at the net at the start, shortly after he lacks in reactivity on a not irresistible conclusion by Samson. At the end of time it is monumental on the same 10 in Bologna. In the second half he avoids doubling by relaxing well on Soriano: an intervention that will then be decisive for the final draw.

BRONN 6. Samson’s hum is annoying and a couple of times he misses it. He does not have great technical properties: in his being extremely scholastic, he does what he must without risk, with extreme decision. (from 32 ‘st VALENCIA 6. He does the attacking winger in a trident aiming to remedy the defeat. He plays wide on the left, too much: he is ‘chicken’ in ending up trapped by the rossoblù shirts, but he does not give up and always tries to get to the ball. He should be encouraged).

GYOMBER 6. The judgment is affected by the penalty he has on his conscience. Arnautovic is a very tough customer, he is not satisfied with limiting him and aims to dominate him. In the first half he succeeds, in the second half he does not. He thwarts a first part of the race with perfect readings with the naive penalty intervention on Samson.

FAZIO 6.5. Elegance and experience. He has to put a sense of the position against Arnautovic and in principle it goes like this. Two moles, though. Betrayed by the speed of Samson at 24 ‘and by the Austrian who disorientates him with his body and escapes him in the middle of the second half, pardoning the grenade door in a favorable position. In the final game he defends the point with his teeth.

MAZZOCCHI 7. He returns to his lane, the one on the right, after three games of sacrifice on the left. When he starts the engine and swoops on the balloon, it becomes his. Point. He earns an industrial amount of corner kicks, harpoons everything and runs. In the second half he goes to the left almost immediately. The tunnel on De Silvestri would have deserved more luck, perhaps with a trailer service which was however closed. He closes with his right arm, runs without ever really running out of gas.

VILHENA 6. She should fit much more into the spaces, as Nicola asks, but he doesn’t have it in the ropes, by the technician’s own admission. He combines on the edge of the area, unhooks back to receive, covers where needed in the first half hour, then evaporates in the offensive phase. The warning of frustration at 9 ‘from the end is emblematic. She closes from outside the median to four, without sinking.

MAJOR 6.5. Still sacrifice as a director. He had done it well against Sampdoria and continues to do so with a spirit of service, more as a breakwater (very tidy) than as a real game builder. Inevitably distorted, his characteristics are that of a raider; when he – rarely – gets stuck in the spaces he tries to hurt. In the end he looks for the conclusion on the fly: he hits Botheim, too bad.


L. COULIBALY 7.5. His roar is essential. On the eve it was thought she could take a rest shift. Fundamental in pulling balls out of quicksand and in transforming actions from defensive into offensive. Muscles, but also a commitment to looking for the last step. Uncontainable especially in the steering that at 22 ‘means goal ball on the golden tray for Dia, but also in the accelerations he gives on the center-right in the second half. A bit of fatigue condemns him to imprecision in key moments on the edge of the opponent’s area, but he is unquestionably the best in the field of him.

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BRADARIC 5. The debut from the first minute in official competitions with the horse on the chest is shy, like the 45 ‘of Udine. He sinks a little, never a dangerous cross in the area. De Silvestri is lost at the beginning of the second half. Bad. (from 8 ‘st CANDREVA 7. It is placed on the right and improves the cleanliness of the services “in the box” of the predecessor, without however finding useful yellow shirts. His ability to keep the ball and keep the lane in order is essential. Dia’s draw is born from his shot).

BONAZZOLI 5.5. He immediately bites the first loose ball on the right and concurs to forfeit the number one corner of the match. Eager, genuinely cheeky in the shot that almost disorients Skorupski at 10 ‘. He begins to exaggerate in the middle of the first fraction and loses lucidity, repeatedly mistaking supports or finishes. (from the 18th st BOTHEIM 5.5. The commitment is not lacking, the agreement with Dia yes. Medel gags him with a few worries).

DIA 7. Let’s clarify it right away: it was difficult to repeat after four days in terms of the intensity of the performance. And in fact it fails in this respect. The vote is for the ability to be found in the right place at the right time, after a game with many mistakes, to give him a precious point. He commits Skorupski with a header … from distance after 7 ‘, but later he clamorously butts with a semi-defeated goal and then makes a suicidal back pass medicated by Sepe’s parathon on Samson. He tries to meet him, he doesn’t give up, he works on the shore as much as he can, but it’s not his evening. He crashes and runs, this is undoubted; in the second half he also provokes in succession the yellow cards against Medel and De Silvestri, alternating mistakes with good things. The most beautiful is the split on Skorupski’s rebound that gives the 1-1.

ALL: NICOLA 6.5. For a time she is a super Salernitana, in the second she is flat in the last twenty meters for large stretches, defensive penetrability and athletic decline, but also heart and desire to never give up. In short, if the team does not leave the game and comes out with the punticino from Dall’Ara it is thanks to the character that the trainer helps to give always and in any case. He confirms the medians en bloc and leaves Candreva out to preserve him, after the blow to the ankle remedied against Sampdoria. The Salernitana plays, in some cases exceeds in safety, but grinds kilometers and plows large slices of field in the first half hour. Then, comes a physical decline that leads Bologna to raise the center of gravity in the quarter of an hour before the interval, when Mihajlovic changes the two outside and inserts Soriano for Vignato. You can feel the difference: Bologna livelier, the hippocampus is crushed and never manages to restart. Obvious drop in the Campania team. The insertions of Candreva first and then of Botheim do not have the desired effects and then in the last quarter of an hour the 3-4-3 card is played: Mazzocchi plays the right central, Bronn goes out and Vilhena goes wide to the left with the inclusion of Valencia forward. Even a risky move – like playing only three changes in as many slots – but it pays off in the end.

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