“Ferrari wants to get back to making good points, right at Max’s home”

“Ferrari wants to get back to making good points, right at Max’s home”
“Ferrari wants to get back to making good points, right at Max’s home”
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The optimistic Monegasque: “In Holland it will be totally different from Spa, we aim to win and then think of Monza”. On the tear-off visor that penalized him in Belgium: “I think we should find a solution to keep them in the cockpit”

01 September

– zandvoort (holland)

“We have some idea of ​​what happened in Spa, and if so we will see it in a week in Monza, but here in Holland it will be totally different.” Charles Leclerc, from the Zandvoort pits, looks with confidence to the Dutch GP, the 15th race of the Formula 1 World Championship. it is important to have clear ideas, because in Monza we could find a situation similar to that of Belgium “where Red Bull was superior to everyone.

hunting for points

The World Cup is practically gone because 98 points are an almost insurmountable barrier. The Monegasque, however, hopes to annoy his Dutch rival right in his home, which would have a symbolic value. “We hope to get some points back at Verstappen right away, starting right from his home race, where the stands will be all orange, as in Monza they will all be red. We hope to finish the year well, returning close to Red Bull. I – ha Leclerc underlined – I will push until the end but starting with a win here would be nice. “

dangerous visors


Leclerc also spoke about the injury he remedied in Spa, where a tear-off visor by Verstappen got into the air intake of the brakes, overheating them and forcing him to an early stop after only 4 laps: “I think going forward it will be important to find a solution to keep the tear inside the car – he said – in Spa someone was leaking liquid and everyone took off their visors, I had tears flying all over the straight and there you can’t do much. We should find a solution to try to keep the tear-off visors inside the passenger compartment “.

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