Live Bologna – Salernitana: 1-0 Serie A 2022/2023. Live the match

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Where the game is played:

Stadium: Renato Dall’Ara
City: Bologna
Capacity: 38279 spectators20:27


Renato Dall'Ara


Good evening and welcome to the direct written Bologna-Salernitana, a match valid for the fourth day of Serie A.20:27

The hosts are on the hunt for their first league victory, after the defeats on the pitches of Lazio and Milan and the home draw against Verona. Mihajlovic hopes to find the goal after the 2-0 loss in Milan and to score points to climb some positions in the standings.20:30

A decent start, however, for Salernitana, who in the first three games obtained a victory, a draw and a defeat. The success came in the last round with a peremptory 4-0 against Sampdoria, while in the two previous matches against Roma and Udinese Nicola’s team was unable to find the goal.20:32

OFFICIAL FORMATIONS: Bologna sides with a 3-5-2: Skorupski; Soumaoro, Medel, Lucumì; Kasius, Vignato, Schouten, Dominguez, Cambiaso; Arnautovic, Samson. Available: Bardi, Bagnolini, Sosa, Bonifazi, Lykogiannis, De Silvestri, Ferguson, Aebischer, Soriano, Moro, Zirkzee, Orsolini, Barrow.20:35

OFFICIAL FORMATIONS: Salernitana sides with a 3-5-2: Sepe, Bronn, Gyomber, Fazio; Mazzocchi, Coulibaly, Maggiore, Vilhena, Bradaric; Dia, Bonazzoli. Available: Fiorillo, Micai, Motoc, Sambia, Pirola, Capezzi, Kastanos, Candreva, Valencia, Botheim, Iervolino.20:37

Mihajlovic confirms ten elevenths of the team that was defeated at San Siro by Milan. There is Samson from the first minute, preferred to Musa Barrow. Still the bench for Soriano and Orsolini, while the new signings Moro and Zirkzee are available for the first time.20:39

Only one change for Nicola compared to the victory against Sampdoria: Candreva starts from the bench, in his place Bradaric. Confirmed the offensive pair Dia-Bonazzoli, Botheim starts out while the latest Piatek purchase is not even on the bench.20:41

Almost everything ready at the Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna. In a few minutes the referee Ghersini will start the match.20:42

KICK OFF! The first ball of the match is played by the guests.20:46


Nice exit by Sepe outside his own area. Throw in depth for Sansone’s run and advance of the former Parma goalkeeper, who then moves away in a lateral foul.20:48

4 ‘

SAMSON! The rossoblu number 10 receives on the trocar, turns and kicks. Sepe deflects for a corner.20:49

7 ‘

Nice entry by Vilhena, but Coulibaly’s through ball is not precise and Medel manages to free.20:52

7 ‘

DIA! One-two between the former Villarreal striker and Coulibaly, who serves him first by serving in the penalty area. Dia hits his head and Skorupski has to reach out to make a corner.20:54

10 ‘

Bonazzoli kicks from far away: strong but central conclusion, Skorupski saves in two halves.20:56

13 ‘

Gyomber, put in difficulty by a short pass by Sepe, chooses to put in a lateral foul.20:59

15 ‘

Bonazzoli tries! Chest control and volley from 30 meters for the former Inter, Skorupski blocks to the ground without problems.21:01

18 ‘

Very physical game at this juncture. A lot of intensity on the pitch.21:04

21 ‘

Bad mistake when setting up Bologna. Throw-in on the offensive trocar earned by Salernitana.21:07

22 ‘

CLAMOROUS OPPORTUNITY FOR DIA! Medel’s mistake, Coulibaly’s recovery who puts the ball behind from the bottom. Soumaoro fails to intervene, but his lack of opposition deceives Dia, who fails to strike towards Skorupski’s goal from an excellent position.21:09

24 ‘

SAMSON! Personal action of the number 10, who skips Fazio, reaches the edge of the area and starts the conclusion with the right. A few meters wide ball.21:10

25 ‘

Mazzocchi’s corner, Bronn’s header and Skorupski’s parade. New corner for Salernitana.21:11

28 ‘

STATISTICAL PILL: Bologna remained unbeaten in the two Serie A games against Salernitana (3-2 at home, 1-1 away) after losing two of their three previous matches in the top flight. 21:14

31 ‘

Always very high pace at the Dall’Ara. Ghersini forced to intervene often to sanction the numerous fouls.21:16

33 ‘

Incredible risk of Gyomber, who seeks a short pass by hitting Samson. Bologna recovers the ball on the border with the Salernitana area, but Ghersini whistles sanctioning the handball of the number 10 of Bologna.21:19

36 ‘

Chance for Bonazzoli, who controls a bank from Bronn on Mazzocchi’s corner, but fails to kick powerfully towards the goal.21:21

36 ‘

STILL SANSONE! Served in depth, the rossoblu number 10 breaks free in the area and looks for a diagonal cross-shot, which Arnautovic fails to reach.21:22

39 ‘

Thirty-nine minutes balance at Dall’Ara: chances on both sides, but still no goals.21:25

41 ‘

INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR SANSONE! Wrong back pass by Dia, the Bologna striker is face to face with Sepe, but he hits it in full. Salernitana is saved.21:27

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The Dall’Ara is noisy. The Rossoblu audience is not very happy with the performance of Mihajlovic’s men.21:29

45 ‘+ 1’

FIRST HALF END: Bologna-Salernitana 0-0. White networks at Dall’Ara.21:31

Intense first half but no goals in Bologna. Many opportunities on both sides, with Samson having had several, missing a sensational one in the 41st minute, face to face with Sepe. Salernitana may have played better from a technical point of view, but she has never really managed to scare Skorupski.21:40

Mihajlovic cannot be very satisfied with the first half of his team, imprecise from a technical point of view and dangerous only in flashes. For this he could rely on Orsolini and Barrow to increase his offensive potential, without forgetting the possible use of the new signings Moro and Zirkzee. In Salernitana to report the excellent performance of Coulibaly, while it is likely that Nicola will soon rely on Candreva and Botheim to make his attacking actions more unpredictable.21:46

46 ‘

First substitution for Bologna. Emanuel Vignato outside, Roberto Soriano inside.21:46

46 ‘

Second substitution for Bologna. Denso Kasius exits, Lorenzo De Silvestri enters.21:46

46 ‘

Third substitution for Bologna. Andrea Cambiaso’s game ends, Charalampos Lykogiannis in place of him.21:47

46 ‘

The second half of Bologna-Salernitana begins. It starts from the result of 0-0.21:47

48 ‘

OPPORTUNITY FOR SORIANO! Arnautovic’s cross on the far post for the new entry, whose header ends just to the side of Sepe’s goal.21:50

50 ‘

PENALTY FOOTBALL FOR BOLOGNA! Ball vertically for Samson’s insertion, Gyomber goes straight on him and hits him on the arm with his right foot. Ghersini has no doubts and assigns the penalty.21:52

50 ‘

WARNED Norbert Gyömbér for the foul on Samson.21:53

52 ‘

GOAL! BOLOGNA-Salernitana 1-0! Marko Arnautović Network! The Austrian displaces Sepe by closing the shot with the right.

Look at the player’s profile Marko Arnautovic21:54

>>>>Marko Arnautovic

Marko Arnautovic

> 54 ‘

First replacement for Salernitana. Domagoj Bradarić exits, Antonio Candreva enters.21:56

57 ‘

Candreva placed himself on the right wing, while Mazzocchi moved to the left lane.21:58

60 ‘

STATISTICAL PILL: Salernitana became the first team against which Marko Arnautovic scored at least one goal in three different Serie A matches.22:02

63 ‘

Prolonged offensive action by Salernitana. In the end Lykogiannis manages to free in a lateral foul.22:04

63 ‘

Second replacement for Salernitana. Federico Bonazzoli exits, Erik Botheim enters.22:05

64 ‘

WARNED Gary Medel for a detention on Dia.22:06

65 ‘

Lorenzo De Silvestri also warned for a stomp against Dia.22:06

68 ‘

Bologna tries to put the game to sleep, while Salernitana is unable to increase the intensity of their offensive actions.22:09

69 ‘

Candreva’s left-handed cross, Fazio’s detachment and header, but the Argentine’s conclusion is not precise and ends at the bottom.22:11

72 ‘

WRONG EVERYTHING ARNAUTOVIC! The number 9 flies towards Sepe’s door, he could kick but chooses to download for Samson. His passage, however, is not precise and Salernitana manages to recover.22:15

74 ‘

Fourth substitution for Bologna. Nicola Sansone leaves room for Riccardo Orsolini.22:16

76 ‘

Third replacement for Salernitana. Outside Dylan Bronn, inside Diego Valencia.22:18

79 ‘

Lykogiannis’ vertical ball for Soriano’s run, anticipated by Sepe’s nice low exit.22:22

81 ‘

Fifth substitution for Bologna. Nicolás Domínguez exits, Michel Aebischer enters.22:22

82 ‘

WARNED Tonny Vilhena for a foul on De Silvestri.22:23

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