the miracles of Tantalocchi are worth one point

the miracles of Tantalocchi are worth one point
the miracles of Tantalocchi are worth one point
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At Deghi Center, third day of the Primavera 1 2022/23 championship between Lecce and Sampdoria: summary, result, slow motion and live news

There Sampdoria does not go beyond 0-0 against the Lecce on the occasion of the third day of the championship Spring 1 2022/23. The blucerchiati of Tufano thus rise to five points in the standings and prepare for the next match against next Monday with Sassuolo. Here are the votes of the match!

Summary Lecce Sampdoria Primavera 0-0

1 ‘First half start – The match between Lecce and Sampdoria Primavera begins!

7 ‘Lecce danger – Cross text by Vulturar, Burnete does not get there by a whisker: he blocks Tantalocchi on the ground

13 ‘Goal canceled in Montevago – Beautiful goal of the Sampdoria bomber, but the flag is raised: it remains at 0-0

17 ‘Russian shot – Violent conclusion from distance, Tantalocchi is well positioned and neutralizes the ball in two halves

34 ‘Shot of Berisha – The Giallorossi player receives the ball from Burnete and tries his luck with a shot that goes out high above the crossbar

36 ‘Punishment by Paoletti – The captain kicks oversized, the trajectory of the ball does not drop in time to worry Borbei

41 ′ Miracle of Tantalocchi – The Sampdoria goalkeeper denies Munoz the goal with an amazing intervention!

43 ′ Munoz still close to scoring – The Giallorossi player unloads a diagonal that touches the pole to the right of Tantalocchi

45 ‘Recovery – It will be played for another two minutes

45 ‘+ 2’ End of the first half – The teams return to the locker room on the result of 0-0: Sampdoria’s Lecce better during the initial 45 minutes

46 ‘Start of the second half – The match resumes! Double change for Sampdoria: inside Ntanda and Pellizzaro; outside Caruana and Peretti

47 ′ Opportunity for Ntanda – The attacker immediately becomes dangerous from the parts of Borbei: the ball filters through the corner, unfortunately the shot is cleared

48 ‘Change for Lecce – Out of Russian; inside Minerva

51 ‘Dorgu cross-shot – Poisonous ball to the addresses of the Sampdoria goal, Tantalocchi smanaccia in the corner kick

53 ‘Berisha tries – Not too insidious blow for Tantalocchi, who still blocks the way to Lecce

60 ′ Still Tantalocchi – Nizet’s missile from sidereal distance, decisive parade of the Sampdoria number one


61 ′ Change for Sampdoria – Outside Pozzato; in Morocco

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65 ‘Bianchi pole – Shot-cross that crashes on the wood, Montevago rushes for the rebound but finds the opposition of Borbei

67 ‘Double change for Lecce – Outside Burnete and Nizet; inside Carrozzo and Daka

69 ′ Montevago devours the advantage – High header on Paoletti’s nice cross from the right: what a chance for Sampdoria!

76 ‘Daka Shot – The newcomer tries to make himself dangerous, Tantalocchi parries again

83 ‘Double change for Lecce – Outside Berisha and Vulturar; inside Macrì and Gueddar

89 ‘Dorgu wastes everything – Clumsy disengagement of the Sampdoria defense, Dorgu coordinates but does not dose his left-handed well: high shot

90 ‘Recovery – It will play for another five minutes

90 ‘+ 2’ Change for Sampdoria – Outside the Villa; inside Cesari

90 ‘+ 4’ Tantalocchi is still exalted – Perfectly rejected the punishment beaten by Daka: the Sampdoria are saved

90 ‘+ 5’ End of the match – Lecce and Sampdoria share the stakes: only 0-0 at the Deghi Center

Man of the match: Tantalocchi (Sampdoria Primavera)

Lecce Sampdoria Primavera 0-0: result and match report

LECCE (4-3-3): Borbei; Munoz, Pascalau, Hasic, Dorgu; Samek, Vulturar (83 ′ Gueddar), Berisha (83 ′ Macrì); Nizet (67 ‘Daka), Burnete (67’ Carrozzo), Russo (48 ‘Minerva). Available: Moccia, Leone, Abdellaoui, De Vito, Borgo, Perricci, Milli. Trainer: Coppitelli.

SAMPDORIA (3-5-2): Tantalocchi; Paoletti, Pellizzaro (46 ‘Peretti), Villa (90’ + 2 ‘Cesari); Savio, Pozzato (61 ‘Morocco), Cecchini Muller, Caruana (46’ Ntanda), Bianchi; Montevago, Chilafi. Available: Ragher, Scardigno, Muratori, Polli, Ivanovic, Leonardi, Lika. Trainer: Tufano.

REFEREE: Arena of Torre del Greco. Assistants: Cataneo of Foggia and De Chirico of Molfetta.

WARNINGS: Pascalau, Pozzato, Paoletti, Nizet, Chilafi, Montevago.

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