“Heat and humidity make everything more complicated”

“Heat and humidity make everything more complicated”
“Heat and humidity make everything more complicated”
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The two former players Mats Wilander and Alex Corretja, now present in the tennis world as commentators for the Eurosport team – the official platform for following the US Open 2022 – have released other statements, in this case on the performance of Serena Williams who also won. in the second round against Kontaveit for 7-6 (4) 2-6 6-2. The former Swedish number 1 Wilander he said about the match: “I have never heard such a loud crowd. I think a lot of people are seeing Serena for the first time here, but she wants to hang around for a little while longer, she’s playing great. “

“She beat the number two in the world, which is one of the most consistent tennis players. I am astonished. But when she gets into action, Serena obviously can because she is Serena and she hits the ball too well. The movement is much better than I ever expected and the service is returning. Now it is a threat. I think he’s hitting the forehand very well. His forehand comes off so fast and so hard, the backhand doesn’t have the same power but still prefers to hit the backhand. He looks calm when he steps forward, using a couple of cut backs. It is very difficult to describe what he is doing and how he feels“.

Despite the difficulty in describing, Mats expects positive things for Williams, and in any case he sees it growing fast. I’m surprised she can keep up, but we’ve seen Serena do it at Grand Slam tournaments, even when she hasn’t played many games before.. She wins one game, then two, then the predictions are completely reversed and she ends up becoming one of the favorites ”.

I think this is a sign that there is more on the way, she believes there is more in store. That’s how one wins 23 Grand Slams, I guess. Internalize the problem in front of you and use the crowd. She becomes Serena and brings out that tiger eye – incredible. I think he wants to save energy because he plays doubles tomorrow and then singles again, but it’s a good way to test himself. I think about the first 20 minutes of this match [con Kontaveit] in which he realizes that he is playing well; she must have trusted her that I didn’t think there would be.

Also the two-time finalist of Roland Garros, Alex Corretja had his say on Serena Williams’ unexpectedly positive condition. “I love it when she says ‘I am Serena’. I think from the way she is playing, you can see how fast the ball comes out of her racket, especially in the forehand. I think if Serena Williams manages to gain momentum in the match, she ends up winning because she is the most aggressive on the pitch. It will be very difficult to beat her ”.

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“I think the first meeting for her was such a relief. She needed to win that first game from the start and you can see she was very comfortable with her on the pitch. I think she will continue to play better and better. She likes this audience and the fact that everyone wants her to be a winner will make it even more special. 99.9% of the stadium is with Serena and this makes her feel such an important person. They are giving her a taste of the red carpet ”.

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