the dubious episodes of the match

the dubious episodes of the match
the dubious episodes of the match
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Moviola Juve Spezia: all the discussed and thorny episodes of the challenge valid for the fourth day of Serie A 2022/23

There Juve face it Spice, in the match valid for the fourth day of Serie A 2022/23. It will be the whistle of Colombo to direct the challenge, assisted by assistants Scatragli and Brands. The fourth official will be Valeri, with Nasca al Var and Longo S. all’Avar. Here the analysis of all the slow motion episodes of the match. THE CHRONICLE OF THE MATCH

1 ′ Kick-off whistle – Juve Spezia has started.

9 ‘Goal Vlahovic – The Serbian unlocks it on a free kick after a foul committed against Rabiot.

11 ‘Batons warned – The player from La Spezia stops Miretti from behind.

16 ′ Goal canceled to Giasy – The linesman’s flag is raised immediately after the attacker’s goal bypassing Szczesny.

45 ‘+ 1’ Contact in the Spezia area – In the one-on-one duel between Cuadrado and Hristov the Colombian falls to the ground, but for the referee Colombo there is nothing. After a brief check of the Var, the game resumes.


62 ′ Deduction on Vlahovic – The Serbian in the melee with Kiwior falls in the area, for the referee there is nothing.

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73 ‘Holm warned – Harsh intervention by the player from Spezia against Miretti in an attempt to catch a sliding ball.

91 ‘Allegri warned – The Juventus coach gets the yellow card after crossing the dividing line of the bench to cheer on the team.

92 ‘Gol Milik – Miretti moves well on the right, ball inside the Pole who turns and hits with his left-handed. Everything is OK.

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