“I was born playing rugby, I carry Naples in my heart. Victory with Wales a starting point ”- OA Sport

“I was born playing rugby, I carry Naples in my heart. Victory with Wales a starting point ”- OA Sport
“I was born playing rugby, I carry Naples in my heart. Victory with Wales a starting point ”- OA Sport

The summer of rugby begins this weekend and Kieran Crowley’s Italy will be involved in a European triptych against Portugal, Romania and Georgia. Three important matches to test the state of the blue rugby against three opponents that are not impossible, with the desire to continue the winning streak started in Wales. And among the protagonists there will be the very young Alessandro Fusco, candidate for the scrum-half starter jersey. And OA Sport heard it on the eve of the match against the Lusitanians.

Alessandro, you are born in 1999 and you made your debut last November in blue and today you are the most experienced scrum half in a rally. How do you live this first time as a “veteran”?

“I certainly don’t feel like a veteran, nor an already experienced or fundamental guy for the group. As for the relationship with the other guys who have just arrived, what I try to do is to make them understand the importance of work, to work together, to always work on something. In short, the one that both Callum and Stephen left me when I first arrived at the meeting. I found myself well and I think it was the right path and, therefore, I try to continue that path by working together every day, helping us in the small details to improve ourselves ”.

In the last Six Nations Italy obtained that victory that had been missing since 2015. And you were on the field while Ange flew and then freed Padovani for the goal of the victory. What sensations did you experience at that moment and, with a cold mind, how much does that success weigh on the road you are taking as Italy?

“At that moment it was almost unbelievable, it didn’t feel real. I remember everything perfectly, also because Ange passed right next to me, I was behind them in the race and at that moment I was thinking ‘that’s not true, it’s not really happening’, I just ran after them thinking ‘let’s score, let’s score , let’s score! ‘. In a cold mind, however, it was an important victory for the group, it was an important victory for the national team, it was an important victory for those who follow rugby, for the boys who play. It is a victory that comes as a result of hard, important work, which lasted throughout the Six Nations, starting from France and showing that we have grown and improved up to Cardiff. Which, however, must not be a point of arrival, but a starting point as a starting point to make us realize that work pays off and that the road is the right one “.

Portugal, Romania and Georgia are certainly neither the All Blacks nor the teams you face every year in the Six Nations. How are you preparing for three games that, objectively, you are perhaps less used to playing – both in the national team and with the clubs – that is, three games where you are the obligatory favorites?

“Yes, we are certainly the favorites, but in any case they are tough teams, not to be underestimated, they are teams that will do everything to beat an Italy that comes out as a winner in the match against Wales. Especially, perhaps, Georgia which is the one who feels a little bit more about this challenge against Italy. But, I repeat, we are a group that has to work, that has to work on performance, on ourselves, so we are preparing as for any other match, as if we were about to challenge New Zealand, Australia and the top teams “.

Just over a year to go until the 2023 World Cup. Are you already looking at that goal in the group? Is Kieran Crowley making you work game after game, or have you already embarked on a path to get to France 2023?

“Now surely the focus is on Test Matches, then it will be on the Six Nations and then on the World Cup. Inside us there is the awareness that in a year we will go to play the World Cup and that, even more, the team must arrive at the World Cup ready and prepared and to make this happen the only way is to show everyone. us that the work we are doing is correct. So, even if we don’t talk about it, each of us knows that these Test Matches and then the Six Nations are a springboard for the World Cup ”.

Fusco and rugby are an ancient combination, which begins with your grandfather. When did you start playing?

“I started playing rugby when I was 4 or 5, so I was on the pitch right away. I grew up in rugby ”.

You are the first Neapolitan in blue. How attached are you to your city?

“Much. A lot, a lot, a lot! I have all my friends and loved ones who are in Naples. It is a city that has given me a lot, that continues to give me a lot and as soon as I have the chance to go home I immediately go to the camp to do a couple of trips, to do some gym. I am with them, because they are the friends of all time, so even in the evening I am hanging out with them. I am detached from Naples from a practical point of view, but I always feel Naples inside of me “.

Let’s get to know the private Alessandro better. What passions do you have extra rugby? Are you engaged? Education?

“I am engaged and this is another affection that is in Naples. In my free time I follow sport in general. I used to do judo, for example, and I like to see all the sport as soon as I can. Then I study Law, so let’s say my days are full “.

Photo: Luigi Mariani – LPS

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