Rome, agent Zaniolo meets Tiago Pinto. At the window is Tottenham

Rome, agent Zaniolo meets Tiago Pinto. At the window is Tottenham
Rome, agent Zaniolo meets Tiago Pinto. At the window is Tottenham

Meeting between the Roma manager and Zaniolo’s agent: the parties met in September to talk about the renewal of the striker, unless there are advantageous offers. Tiago Pinto also met Fabio Paratici who asked for information on the player


On the agenda of Tiago Pintogeneral manager of Rome, for this Thursday many appointments were scheduled. One of these was with Vigorelli, Zaniolo’s agent. The meeting took place in the afternoon in Milan and lasted about one hour and a half. The parties are given appointment in September – once the summer transfer market session is over – for talk about the renewal of Zaniolo, whose contract expires in June 2024. The parties will therefore sit down again around a table in a few months, unless advantageous offers arrive in these weeks either for Roma, or for Zaniolo, or for both parties . At the window is the Tottenham. Tiago Pinto met Fabio Paratici in the late afternoon and they talked about Zaniolo. No offer or a real negotiation, but Paratici (who has estimated the player for some time) and the Spurs are following the evolution of the situation with interest. Among the names that emerged in the chat there is also that of Joe RodonWelsh defender Mourinho has already coached in the past, out of Tottenham.

Tiago Pinto’s dribbling to reporters as they leave the hotel

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After the appointment with Zaniolo’s agent, Tiago Pinto he did not give clear answers to the questions of the journalists who were trying to extract some information from the Portuguese, also relating to the meeting that took place in the morning with Milan, a club interested in the Giallorossi playmaker: “Meeting with Milan? We talked about time, machines, women, everything …“, the Roma GM said with a smile.

From Florenzi to Calafiori: Tiago Pinto’s other appointments

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Tiago Pinto, as mentioned, was with lunch instead Maldini and Massara. There is a great relationship of esteem with them and it was an opportunity to reaffirm these mutual certificates, share strategies and market advice, but we also talked about the definition of Florenzi’s ransomwho will officially become an AC Milan player for 2.7 million euros. After the lunch with Milan, the general manager of Roma also met Rafaela Pimenta and Enzo Raiola, agents of Calafiori: the left winger of Roma, born in 2002, will sign the renewal with the Giallorossi club before leaving on loan. The player would prefer Salernitana as a destination, but on him there is also Basel.

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