three disturbing hypotheses being examined by investigators


There are disturbing questions around the mysterious death of Maximum Bochicchiothe broker known for scams to the detriment of important names in the world of football and entertainment, on all the former Italian coaches Antonio Conte and Marcello Lippi.

The 56-year-old was the victim of a accident aboard his motorcycle, a souped-up BMW, while he was in Street Salaria, in Rome. The accident was filmed by the video surveillance cameras in the area.

THE video clips are now being examined by the investigators, who are reviewing all the hypotheses and possible dynamics that led to the death of the king of scams just the day before the sentence against him.

What can be seen in the video of the accident in via Salaria

In the recordings of the Roma Urbe Airport, the moped is shot at full speed and then crashing into a Wall of boundary and to take fire.

As reported The Messengerthe agents of the III Nomentano Group are getting hold of other images to reconstruct the crash in the details.

According to ben three witnessesmotorists who were in via Salaria around 11.30 on Sunday 19 June, in fact, the bike would have suddenly veered to the right, ending up against the wall.

Photo Source: ANSA

The site of the accident that cost Massimo Bochicchio his life.

Who saw Massimo Bochicchio before his death?

It might also be useful to rebuild the Street traveled from 56 years old. Among the points still to be clarified there is in fact the point of departure and arrival of Massimo Bochicchio’s last journey.

The man was at the arrests domiciliary following the maxi investigation taken after the complaints of several VIPs, who had declared that they had been deceived by the broker, entrusting him with tens of millions of euros to make investments.

He had obtained a permit from the judge two hours per day to exercise and get tested for diabetes. And generally he used it to walk around the house, as he still reports The messenger.

The investigators also question another fundamental point of the story. Who did you see Massimo Bochicchio before he died? And what could be the role of other people in the accident?

The disturbing hypotheses of the investigators

I’m three hypotheses under consideration of the Prosecutor’s Office. That of sicknessfor the moment excluded from the autopsy, that of broken down mechanic of the moped and even that of theinstigation to suicide.

On Monday 20 the man should have appeared before the judges to talk about the scams he was accused of and which involved important names in sport, entertainment and Roma bene.

For a process that could backfire 34 victims scams, which had turned over huge amounts of money to Massimo Bochicchio with the hope of seeing their assets millionaires (and possibly undeclared).

The hearing was postponed in September, and without an accused, it is not clear how to proceed to protect those who had entrusted the broker.

And that perhaps he acted against the 56-year-old, killing him or by convincing him to perform a gesture extremejust to defend your honor and your counter in the bank.

Photo Source: ANSA

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