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The twenty-eight days of the mystery. It could be renamed like that the period between 27 October and 24 November last, waiting for someone to decide to clarify. Perhaps within the Coni Guarantee College, which Juventus intends to appeal after having read the reasons of the Federal Court of Appeal to justify the boulder of 15 points penalty with which he surprisingly decided to destroy the standings of Allegri’s team. Yeah, but what happened during those twenty-eight days? A question that the Juventus club has legitimately asked itself, without – for now – having obtained a comprehensive answer.

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Juventus, from resorting to Coni to the new processes: all the next steps

Article 63 of the Sports Justice Code

To explain the terms of the question, first of all, we need to rewind the tape. And consult article 63 of the FIGC Sports Justice Code, that relating to revocations and revisions: “All the decisions adopted by the sports justice bodies, which cannot be appealed or have become irrevocable, can be challenged for revocation before the Federal Court of Appeal within thirty days from the discovery of the fact or from the discovery of the documentsthe“, it is read. This is what the federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné did, at least on paper, with regard to the “capital gains case”, an issue on which Juventus had already been acquitted. Not once, but twice. To bring it up a third, in fact, Chiné received the documents of the Prisma investigation from the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office on 24 November and the following 22 December requested the partial revocation of the decision taken by the Federal Court of Appeal last May. Days between receipt of the folder and the decision to reopen the case: twenty-eight. Process followed to the letter, then? Well, that’s what the registered card dates say.

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Capital gains Juventus, a violent sentence

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