Volleyball A2/M, Cuneo breaks the away curse

Volleyball A2/M, Cuneo breaks the away curse
Volleyball A2/M, Cuneo breaks the away curse
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The long-awaited away victory has arrived, Cuneo brings home the tie-break victory against Lagonegro. The snow that welcomed the Cuneo team yesterday upon their arrival in Basilicata was a good omen, Banca Alpi Marittime Acqua S.Bernardo Cuneo repeated the first leg score against coach Barbiero’s team. Two important points that allow you to keep your distance from the bottom of the standings. Now head to the next one, which will still be away on Sunday 29th in Ravenna.

Cuneo’s starting six: Pedron dribbles, Santangelo opposite, Sighinolfi and Codarin center, Botto and Parodi spikers; bisotto (L).

Coach Barbiero lines up: Izzo dribbles, Wagner opposite, Bonola and Orlando center, Armenante and Panciocco spikers; DiCarlo (L).

Point to point start at the Palasport Villa D’Agri. An excellent turn in Parodi’s service who scores two aces and forces coach Barbiero to call time out (10-13). In the final coach Giaccardi inserts Cardona for Santangelo first and Lanciani for Sighinolfi in service, who puts in the ace of 19-22 and makes the time available for the Lucan bench run out. A few mistakes too many and Lagonegro goes to -1 (21-22), thus calling the time out for the biancoblù. Tie in the 23rd minute and coach Giaccardi calls him back with the last technical time available. We return to the field and from nine meters there is Wagner. Well Codarin in attack, set ball for Cuneo with Parodi batting, but it is canceled and we go to the advantages (24-24). On 24-25 Sighinolfi returns to the center. The video check confirms 27-25 for the hosts with Izzo’s block on Botto.

Even the second half sees a balanced game; initially Cuneo moves forward, then Lagonegro leads. On 17-15 coach Giaccardi calls the time out and at the next ball change he puts Lanciani back into service for Sighinolfi, but Wagner immediately interrupts this shift at the serve of the Cuneo central player. On 18-17 it’s Chiapello’s turn from nine meters in place of Santangelo. At the Lucan point, the return of the opposite Cuneo to the field. Hands out of Santangelo, wall of Sighinolfi and recovery for Cuneo (22-22). Point by point and it is still the number 18 from Cuneo who finds parity on the 24th and moves from nine meters. Wagner self cancels the set ball which is worth 26 all in Lucan land. Botto’s ace is worth the set ball for Cuneo (29-30) and it’s time out for Lagonegro. Botto in bagher for Parodi who closes the set in the corner of place 5 with the partial of 29-31.

The Cuneese immediately start strong in the third set, with a choral performance. However the hosts didn’t give up and one point at a time they reached 16 all with Armenante’s ace. On 18-17 coach Giaccardi calls the time out. Ball change and Lanciani enters service for Parodi (18-18), but Panciocco’s hands out sees the hitter return to the white and blue field. Another time out for Cuneo on 22-19; coach Giaccardi tries to make the Lucanians lose the match pace and take back the reins of the set. It’s Orlando’s turn to serve that closes the set 25-21 with an ace.

The fourth set still sees the biancoblù start ahead, maintaining a +2 on the Lucans until halfway through the set. Then the recovery and overtaking of the landlords which leads to time out for the Cuneo bench at 16-15. On 21-20 Chiapello enters for Botto on the front line. Excellent defense by Chiapello under the net, the ball can be replayed, the Lucan block on Santangelo’s attack falls on Codarin’s head who ends up in the opponent’s field with a lucky rebound and is worth 21 all and coach Barbiero calls time out. Pedron and Cuneo’s second attack goes forward. Again Parodi from nine meters. Chiapello finds the set ball (23-24), from nine meters Codarin and then the block of Sighinolfi on Wagner and is 23-25. We go to the tiebreak.

As in the first leg, the match will be decided in the fifth set. Good start from Cuneo, who carries on and maintains. With an attack by Sighinolfi, the Cuneo players win the field change at 6-8. Parodi’s touch is experience which is worth the time out for Lagonegro (6-11). The referee whistles for a double foul against Pedron and coach Giaccardi calls the time out (9-12). Wagner returns in place of Biasotto, who entered previously. Hands out for Santangelo who goes from nine meters and it is Codarin who finds the match ball (9-14). Santangelo’s service ends online and it’s still time out for Cuneo (10-14). The first away victory bears the signature of Simone Parodi (10-15).

At the end of the match coach Giaccardi: “I’m happy for the boys because these results away from home didn’t reflect their commitment in the gym. Important victory that was needed both for morale and for the rankings, we managed to keep Lagonegro at a distance. The attitude has never been lacking, even in difficult moments”.

Next appointment Sunday 29 January at 18.00 away in Ravenna for the 5th day of the return round.

4th Return (22/01/2023) – Regular Season Serie A2 Credem Banca

Cave Del Sole Lagonegro – Banca Alpi Marittime Acqua S.Bernardo Cuneo

2-3 (27-25/29-31/25-21/23-25/10-15)

Banca Alpi Marittime Acqua S.Bernardo Cuneo: Pedron 6, Santangelo 18, Sighinolfi 18, Codarin 13, Botto (K) 20, Parodi 19; bisotto (L1); Cardona, Lanciani 1, Chiapello 1. Ne Esposito, Kopfli, Lilli (L2).


Herds: Max Giaccardi

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II All.: Lorenzo Gallesio

Positive reception: 55%; Attack: 55%; walls 14; Ace 5.

Cave Del Sole Lagonegro: Izzo 5, Wagner 24, Bonola 14, Orlando 7, Armenante 8, Panciocco 15, Di Carlo (L1); Biasotto, El Moudden (L2). Ne Lecat (K), Azaz El Saidy, Mastrangelo.

All.: Mario Barbiero.

II All.: Dino Viggiano.

Positive reception: 58%; Attack: 46%; walls 9; Ace 5.

Referees: Rosario Vecchione, Pierpaolo Di Bari.

Duration set: 31′, 39′, 24′, 30′, 16′.

Total duration: 140′.



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